White House admits they don’t know how much Biden’s debt forgiveness is going to cost [VIDEO]

In a stunning admission, the White House has just admitted that they don’t have a clue how much Biden’s student debt forgiveness policy is going to cost.


The reporter made it easy, telling Karine Jean-Pierre that she could just give us the maximum it would cost if all eligible students applied for the debt forgiveness.

But Karine insists they they don’t have a number on that yet, adding she doesn’t want to get ahead of the administration.

But that is backwards. Biden announced the new policy yesterday and claimed it was paid for. They should have known before they made the announcement how much it will cost. Yet now they admit they don’t know, which is absurd.

And of course that response led to the other reporting asking “If you don’t know how much it’s going to cost, how can you guarantee that it’s going to be paid for”?

Exactly. They can’t make the guarantee because they don’t have a clue. They are just firing into the wind hoping people will just celebrate the new policy and vote for Democrats in November. As I said yesterday, this ‘bribe’ is all about getting votes for the Democrat Party at the extreme cost of us taxpayers.

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