White House angry at Republican governors for ‘using migrants as a political pawn’ [VIDEO]

Today Peter Doocy asked the White House Press Secretary about Mayor Bowser’s plea for the National Guard to help her deal with illegals being bussed here from Texas and Arizona.

In response he got an earful about how shameful and inappropriate it is for Republicans to use these illegals as a ‘political pawn’.

There is so much wrong with this.

It’s the White House, with their open border policies, that is using these illegals as political pawns to effect political change in this country. Trump had the border secured and Biden undid it all, telling people all over the world to come to the border and he’d let them in. They got the message and the border has been a nightmare since he sat in the Oval Office. And one day, if Democrats get enough power, they will make all of these illegals citizens in hopes of bribing these illegals to vote Democratic. That’s what all of this is about.

So for Biden’s administration to attack Republican governors for transporting these illegals to big cities like DC is the biggest deception, especially when his administration does the exact same thing.

When asked the difference between Biden bussing illegals versus the governors of Texas and Arizona, this is what Karine said:

There is no difference. Abbott made clear that these illegals being bussed would be done so on a voluntary basis. They aren’t forcing them to go to DC.

The problem here is that DC is now feeling the pain that both Texas and Arizona have felt for a very long time and now all Biden can do is sling insults.

Just secure the damn border and all of this goes away.

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