White House CANCELS Peter Navarro’s CNN appearance…

It looks like Peter Navarro just got canceled by the White House. Or rather his interview on CNN did…

DC EXAMINER – The White House nixed a planned cable news appearance for economic adviser Peter Navarro after he wrote an op-ed against Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Navarro was pulled from a scheduled appearance on CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s Wednesday show a day after taking out an opinion piece in USA Today criticizing Fauci and titling his article, “Anthony Fauci has been wrong about everything I have interacted with him on.”

“I should point out that Peter Navarro was booked to join me this hour here in The Situation Room, but earlier this morning, all of a sudden, the White House told us he was no longer available,” Wolf Blitzer said on-air after CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta gave a report on the controversy.

Trump said this afternoon that Navarro shouldn’t have written the op-ed:

I know some are wondering if Trump is really giving Navarro a wink and a nod behind the scenes regarding his op-ed, but it seems more to me like Navarro is in the doghouse now. Otherwise I’d think the White House would let him go on CNN and continue to criticize Fauci, with the caveat that these are his views and his views only.

But then again maybe that would be too obvious. It just looks to me like they are doing everything they can to shut this down instead of letting it continue to fester.

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