White House contact for now asks for your PRONOUNS

The new White House contact form under Biden’s administration is now transgender ready, making sure to ask what your pronouns are:

I’m surprised they didn’t go ahead and just put ‘ve’, ‘xe’, or ‘ze’ on the list. Isn’t calling them ‘other’ discriminatory?

Also, I double checked to be sure and this pronoun form wasn’t there as of last month. It was definitely added today by the radicals now sitting in the White House.

I know none of this is surprising, but it is disappointing to see our government continue to normalize the deranged lie that you can be whatever gender you want to be. But what’s even worse is that it’s a big slap in the face of God, because He is the one who created us ‘both male and female’. At the very core of this nonsense is a rejection of God, and that is not good. One would hope for much better from our new ‘Catholic’ president.

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