White House now admits that Hunter Biden will get to MEET the anonymous purchasers of his high-priced ‘artwork’

The White House first said that the purchasers of Hunter Biden’s high-priced artwork would be completely anonymous to avoid potential ethical problems, being that he’s the son of the president and this could easily be seen as people paying for access to the president.

Obama’s former ethics chief came out and harshly criticized then Biden administration for this plan, calling it ‘amateur hour’ and claiming they were keeping the purchasers of the artwork anonymous from the American public, so we can’t watch and see if these buyers are actually getting access they claim won’t happen.

Now it’s been revealed that these buyers won’t be anonymous to Hunter at all, that he will meet with potential buyers of his artwork at a couple of art shows coming up soon.

Jen Psaki was asked about it today and here’s what she had to say about it:

Psaki says Hunter will get to meet them, but he won’t be allowed to actually talk about the selling of his artwork wink wink so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! After all, as an artist Hunter deserves to be able to work in his field and being the president’s son shouldn’t stop him from doing that, according to Psaki.

Amazing. So Hunter and Joe will know who is buying his artwork, but we won’t know. And thus we can never know if these art buyers are paying for influence or not.

The Biden crime family really does have quite a racket going on here, and despite these new revelations, the media won’t make a fuss about it even though they know they’d never let Trump and his sons get away with this. They got the president they wanted and he can do anything he wants because he’s not Trump.

I wonder what Obama’s former ethics chief has to say about this…

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