White House press GRILLS doctor on Trump’s mental state… [VIDEOS]

Today Trump’s doctor gave his medical assessment of Trump in the briefing room of the White House, taking questions from the press. While the doctor got questions on all sorts of things about Trump’s health, the press really keyed in on whether he was mentally fit for duty.

Here’s a few clips:

The ridiculousness of the press knows no bounds. And that’s not all of them. If I could find it I’d even show you where someone asked how the doctor would advise someone who was considering removing Trump from office via the 25th amendment. Sheesh.

I’m not saying a question about it is bad, but they really grilled this doctor to the point that they look obsessed.

But as you no doubt know if you watched some of the videos, that the doctor gave Trump a clean bill of health, both physically and mentally. In fact ABC’s Jonathan Karl was even bewildered by it, given Trump’s eating habits:

Good genes. You know Trump is gonna love hearing that.

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