White House says border patrol agents not allowed to use horses in Del Rio, Texas any longer

Chief White House Spinner Jen Psaki said today that after the ‘horrible and horrific’ photos that came out this week of Border Patrol agents using horses to block Haitian illegals, they would not be allowed to do that any longer:

Psaki reported that DHS Secretary told civil rights leaders this morning “that we would no longer be using horses in Del Rio”, noting that’s a policy change they’ve made in response to the photos.

This reminds me of how Biden hamstrung our forces in Kabul, not allowing them to leave the airport to go out and rescue Americans trapped there. Now Biden is doing the same with our border patrol officers, tying their hands and not allowing them to use necessary means to block illegals in Del Rio.

This is why Biden is so damned ineffective as a president, because he’s nothing but a coward who cares more about media narratives than he does about protecting American citizens and enforcing our laws. Case in point is how Biden is releasing thousands of Haitian illegals into the US because he wants the terrible looking refugee camp in Del Rio to just go away. He’s not even deporting them all because that would take too long.

This also happened during the presser, where Peter Doocy suggested that Haitian illegals are saying they are pregnant so they can be released into the US and the administration is not verifying this in any way. But Psaki tries to turn Doocy’s question into ‘you don’t believe women’ stupidity and then ‘are pregnant women a problem at the border’ argument:

What a despicable deflection from Doocy’s question, which is very legitimate. The Biden administration is a disgrace.

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