White liberals SEIZE Venezuelan embassy in D.C., REFUSE to let Venezuelans in!!

In a really bizarre example of the brain-dead insanity of liberalism, white liberals of code pink have seized the Venezuelan embassy in Washington D.C., and they are screaming at real, honest Venezuelans, that they don’t have a right to fight against the totalitarian dictatorship!!


Thug-supporting thugs gotta thug, I guess.

This is ridiculous. The U.S. has recognized Guaido as the democratic president of Venezuela. These dictator-adoring maggots have absolutely no right to keep opposition Venezuelans out. But there they are, white liberals telling Latin Americans how stupid they are and how they know better. INcredible.

Get some batton-wielding hippy-beating cops in there to restore law and order dammit. What do I pay my taxes for anyway?!??!

UPDATE: Look at this damn witless hippy telling a Venezuelan she knows better than he does. Incredible.

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