White woman accuses black kid of groping her – do we ‘believe all women’ this time?

There is a very sad story about a white woman falsely accusing a young black boy of groping her in New York City. In the course of the story, the kid is exonerated – and a “Me Too” narrative is destroyed.

So this Brooklyn lady is in a store when she apparently thought this 9-year-old kid groped her but.

She freaks out, accuses him loudly, and calls the police. The poor kid is crying outside because he’s scared.

She goes back, looks at the surveillance video and OOPS!! He didn’t do it. He’s innocent.

She apologized, but people like Shaun King are now accusing her of purposely lying just out of pure racist malice.

Soooooo who do we believe here?

The “Me Too” movement says “believe all women” but the “Black Lives Matter” crowd says that whites are rapacious racists just waiting for any moment to send blacks to prison.

Well, logic says they can’t both be right, but it also says that they can both be WRONG.

The lady isn’t racist, she made a mistake. She apologized. But this proves that women can be wrong about sexual harassment accusations they make. Now add 35 years to memory, and add Diane Feinstein and the Democrats lying about it. And that’s why you have so many of us furiously angry about the Kavanaugh smear campaign.

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