Whitmer kidnap plotter was BLM supporter. That’s THREE of the six who were ANTI-TRUMP

Two of the plotters in the plan to kidnap and murder Gov. Gretchen Whitmer were revealed this week to be anti-Trump anarchists, not the “militia” member MAGA right-wingers the media wants you to believe.

Whitmer said they were a bunch of right wingers set on her by Trump. But in fact, in addition to the two anarchists, a third member of the plot has now been revealed to be a BLM supporter.

At PJM, Victoria Taft wrote on Thursday that “one of the ring-leaders of the plot is a leftist insurrectionist anarchist who hates President Trump. Another, Pete Musico, shares the same philosophy.”

Video is everywhere these days and that includes in this case.

Then on Saturday this came out:

One of alleged plotters, 23-year-old Daniel Harris, attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June, telling the Oakland County Times he was upset about the killing of George Floyd and police violence.

Taft writes:

Being upset with police and government overreach isn’t exclusive to one political party, as the conspirators’ affiliations show. Sometimes the sides come together as in the case when anarchists gave a momentary sympathetic ear to the defendants in the Bundy Ranch case. Conspirators were upset over Whitmer’s draconian COVID-19 lockdowns and her hypocrisy of ordering people to stay home when her family seemed to defy her own orders. Leftists all over the country have defied lockdown orders to congregate en masse and riot.

Whitmer MUST apologize to President Trump for her grotesque, opportunistic, purely political ploy in blaming him for this heinous plan.

Hard to believe the Washington Post reported it, even if they did bury it deep in the article.

But you know, of course, who WON’T. The Fat, Dumb, and etc.

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