Who gets the COAL in their stocking? Press can’t stop asking FAUCI who is ALLOWED to have HOLIDAYS

They never stop asking Anthony Fauci who has permission to do things. They have really been asking him over and over and over who are the naughty kids that won’t get to do Christmas this year. It’s part of the press and democrat party blackmail plan for total vaccination compliance. Do as we say or you get coal.

Today’s example is Martha Raddatz on ABC’s This Week. “What do we do Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the other holidays,” she requested the overlord explain.

“If you’re vaccinated and your family members are vaccinated…You can enjoy the holidays,” our dictator declared.

YOU CAN. That is explicitly him giving – and by exclusion denying – permission based on his own criteria. Which I’m sure you will agree he can shove up his Fauci-hole.

“When you do” what we demand, he said, “there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the holidays in a family way.”

What a benevolent king is this. What a generous emperor to so permit privileges pending compliance. Oh we lucky serfs.

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