WHOA: Popular Egyptian TV host says Obama should be tried and then ‘sat on an impalement rod’

Egyptian TV’s Ahmed Moussa gave a blistering rant aimed at Obama for being an ally of terrorists, calling him a liar and saying he should be put on trial and then executed by being forced to sit on an impalement rod. Yikes!

He points out that his beef is not with the American people, who he says are very respectful, but with Obama who said just days before the San Bernardino terrorist attack that there is no threat to American citizens. He called Obama a liar again and said that all allies of terrorism are liars.


Remember Egypt is a country who has basically gone to war with the Muslim Brotherhood to squash them and are very acquainted with terrorism. They are fighting ISIS groups in the Sinai Peninsula and the Muslim Brotherhood within their borders. They are probably next in line to Israel as having done the most to fight terrorism in the Middle East.

While this guy’s execution methods are absolutely barbaric, he has a point about Obama going on trial for his deeds. There are many Americans who have wanted to see that for a long time, all the way back to this administration arming the Mexican drug cartels. And they way he’s pussy-footed around ISIS and used Libya to get arms to the Syrian IslamoNazi groups in an effort to take out Assad, he has so much to answer for.

But that can never happen as long as he is in office because an appropriate investigation won’t be allowed.

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