WHOOPSY! – CBS News calls video shared by the White House a ‘cheap fake’ – [VIDEO]

The media is hot and heavy running interference for the Biden White House over their lies about these so-called ‘cheap fakes’. There’s nothing fake about these videos at all and that’s led to confusion among garbage media outlets like CBS news.

For example, check out this clip from CBS News labeling a video shared by the White House as a ‘digitally altered video’. Andrew Bates shared this video online in an attempt to ‘debunk’ the so-called ‘cheap fake’ videos going around of Biden wandering off at the G7.

The video above shows both the ‘digitally altered video’ and the original video share by the White House, which are the exact same.

In fact the blowback on this actually led CBS News, just a few minutes ago, to delete their segment that they posted yesterday on X.

This was a retweet of the CBS News video but, as you can see, there is no video now.

Biden’s lies about this are so bad that not even the garbage news media can decipher what in the heck the White House is talking about. I love it.

In related news, Tom Elliot has figured out that in only three days, the garbage media has spent a whopping 49 hours running interference for Biden:

It’s the Hunter Biden laptop all over again. It’s nothing but lies but the media is happy to share these lies as much as they can if it keeps Trump out of the White House.

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