WHY? Attempted murder of cops with BLOWTORCH. Six arrested in SC. Roe violence across the country continues.

A man in Los Angeles used a mostly peaceful makeshift FLAMETHROWER on the cops during a “protest” over the Supreme Court’s overturning of bad law. Others were arrested Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Some of the biggest protests have been in states like California, Oregon, New York, and D.C. And why? What is the purpose of these riots that Pelosi and AOC and Schumer have demanded?

What are the California protesters — protesting? Their permission to murder children won’t be abridged by their state. It will likely become even more available. For what grievance was this man demanding redress? That the court ruled on a case in a way he didn’t like? That that ruling overturned a prior case? That now his ability to pressure women into killing their children so he can continue to be a gross Tinder scumbag has to be codified by a state legislature instead of being winked and nudged into the constitution?

Look at this moron. What the hell was he even doing?

He’s been arrested and charged for that — whatever that was. A woman has been charged with resisting “after four officers were injured following a barrage of projectiles, fireworks and a makeshift blow torch, according to officials,” writes the New York Post.

Michael Ortiz, 30, is accused of throwing a makeshift flame thrower at an officer, who was treated for burns, according to a Saturday press release.

Juliana Bernado, 23, allegedly attempted to steal an officer’s baton. A “less-lethal” bullet was fired at her, and she was taken into custody, police said.

“I condemn the violence against officers that occurred last night and into today,” Chief Michel Moore said.

“Individuals participating in such criminal activity are not exercising their 1st Amendment rights in protest of the Supreme Court decision, rather, they are acting as criminals.

The Department will vigorously pursue prosecution of these individuals.”

There was more last night. And not just in blue states, six people were arrested in Greenville South Carolina yesterday afternoon. Check out this video from the BBC.

And Portland of course. Which, again — what are they demanding, exactly?

Antifa, BLM just want to riot. They’ll take any excuse. And the Democrats? They just see this as a chance to win the midterms.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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