Why do Democratic women willingly embrace misogyny?

Democratic women have lost their ever-loving minds. For all their hootin’and hollerin’ about fundamental women’s rights, feminism (or what they think is feminism) and all the other knee-jerk niceties leftists are required to support, Democratic women have made a habit of embracing exactly what they purportedly loathe – a misogynistic patriarchal structure.

In Texas, well meaning pro-aborts (masquerading as advocates of women’s freedoms, except the women who’ve yet to be born), caused a disgustingly embarrassing ruckus at the state House. With their jars of human waste and used feminine products, pro-aborts protested a bill that would ban abortions after five months and bring Texas abortion clinics up to code with the rest of the world.  Beyond their intellectual inconsistency in the rights debate is a disturbing notion: men can knock up a chick and be completely absolved of any responsibility that comes with pending fatherhood. Why? Because, “my body, my choice!!” In their ideal, twisted scenario, men are encouraged to treat these sexually liberated women as sexual objects and face no consequence, responsibility or obligation beyond gettin’ busy. And this is considered progress or excuse me, “sexual health.”

The mind reels.

Enter the aptly named Anthony Weiner, Carlos Danger or whatever he’s calling himself these days. Weiner has a sordid history of preying on young women. Were he not a smart, young, likable Democratic politician with great fundraising abilities, he would be colloquial known as a “sexual predator.” I sincerely hope Weiner seeks and receives the psychological and emotional help he needs, but that’s beside the point.

“Public service has nothing to do with bedroom service. 98.4367% of men cheat. I do know a few good men who don’t. Leave Weiner alone,” Tamara Holder tweeted. Bogus statistic aside, why should anyone ignore the actions of a sexual predator, particularly one currently seeking the mayorship of the largest city in the United States? And the young women he sought out? What about them?

See also Ted Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Bob Filner, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards and Al Gore.  Their legacies, at least in the minds of the collective left, do not include their abhorrent treatment of women. No, no, Democratic women wouldn’t dare criticize the way these power-drunk politicians treated their wives, mistresses, ladies of the evening, et al. At least not publicly.

We can’t have this conversation without the greatest misogynist of them all — Slick Willy. When the Paula Jones’ came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and even rape, the establishment media types (liberals, of course), loyal to the Clintons skewered Clinton’s victims. Where were the Democratic women? Where were those fine purveyors of social justice when the abusers weren’t politically expedient foes? Silent.

Yes, this is one example of countless that illustrates rampant leftist hypocrisy, rhetoric inconsistent with actions yada, yada, yada, but this issue is particularly troubling. As long as Democratic women insist on embracing misogynistic treatment from their male counterparts, they’ll continue to be objectified and treated like garbage in the war on women they propagate. Worse, it institutionalizes this type of behavior.

Societal ills are effectively eradicated only when they’ve been made unacceptable. Actions being an indicator, prominent Democratic women choose tacit compliance when facing misogyny. Lest there be more Paula Jones’ or Sydney Leathers‘, it’s time Democratic women stepped up their game and for once, put their money where their mouths are, or uterus’, or ovaries or whatever.


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34 thoughts on “Why do Democratic women willingly embrace misogyny?

  1. The Weiner
    campaign has gone full NC-17. I would say X but no one has groped, fondled or
    placed anyone in a Bob Filcher LAPD chokehold yet and screamed, “I told
    you NOT to wear panties to work!”—http://regularrightguy.wordpress.com/2013/07/31/weiner-campaign-goes-full-nc-17-to-pg-in-under-six-seconds/

  2. Tamara Holder proves that Democratic women just aren’t that smart. Time and again they complain when they’re the target but slam the door shut in another women’s face that suddenly becomes the target of a predator like slick Willy.

  3. Mouth support of abortion on demand and Democrat women will fall to their knees. Just ask Nina Burleigh.

  4. THE agenda trumps everything in a Liberal woman’s mind, it trumps the life of unborn children, it trumps Freedom, logic, civility, self respect and damn the hypocrit torpedos full speed ahead.

  5. They call themselves ‘Women’s Liberationists’, when in fact they are ‘Women’s Liberalizationists’. 😉
    The hypocrisy is sometimes staggering. ‘Hillary Clinton ran for President she broke the glass ceiling’.
    Sarah Palin, the ex Governor of Alaska ran for Vice President, what was she doing, playing volleyball?
    Barack Obama ran one of the most misogynistic, attack campaigns against Hillary Clinton on record. What did the ‘Women’s Liberalizationists’ do when he succeeded? They welcomed him with open arms, (even though he still pays his female staff members less than the male staff members in comparable positions).
    They are ‘Liberalizationists” first ‘Women’ second. They will sell their soul, their ideals (and their bodies) for political gain, just as fast as Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner’s wife will.
    I raised my 3 girls to be able to spot a ‘phony’ at a hundred yards. That might be why they all have great, dedicated, husbands and they vote conservative. 😉 😉

  6. With the liberal species, there are no significant differences between the male and the female.
    The woman tries to act like a man, and the man is usually the weaker specimens of the overall human race. Thus, general views and behaviors are closely mirrored.
    The ends justify the means. Whatever it takes. No morality, rules, or shame to interfere with their goals. Of course it helps when they pick the rules and the refs.
    When confronted with their behavior and failures, they will both deflect and psychologically project their failures and faults on to everyone else.
    The women put up with the Clintons and Wieners of the world, because ambition takes precedent over a relationship neither truly value. They aren’t going to let inconveniences like fidelity or childbirth prevent those goals.

  7. This is one dubious advantage Liberals have over Conservatives.
    For them it is always Liberalism first, and the consequences be damned. Truth, honor, principles, the Constitution, heritage, culture, religion, heritage, laws, rules, courtesy, may follow if, and only if,  convenient.

  8. None of us should be surprised at all about how women on the left behave.
    This blatant hypocrisy comes naturally to those who refuse to acknowledge the moral standard set out by the Judeo-Christian God.
    Collectivism in all of its forms – the left, the Democratic Party, socialism, communism – has no place for moral standards and, in particular, God, because he sets a moral standard.

    Since they reject all moral standards – and that includes “consistency in behaviour”, i.e. “walk the talk” – they’ve realized that they can behave anyway they want for their own selfish ends. They want what they want and they could not care less whether it makes any sense or not, because it doesn’t matter anymore.

    That selfishness results in suffering and death, e.g., abused women, babies murdered in the womb.

    In contrast, God gave humans a moral standard by which they can live and not only live but prosper as well. In the Bible, God orders those who believe in him to behave in ways that are respectful and kind to everyone, including their enemies. “Love your neighbour as yourself” is a typical example.

  9. It seems as if the Democrat Party chicks are still ball busting, hausfrau looking shrivels stuck in the 1990s singing “Stand By Your Man”.  They haven’t come a long way.  What pisses me off the most about this whole thing is that a degenerate sociopath like Weiner and the other pride of NYC, Client #9, can even have a comeback.  How dare these bastards in the Democrat Party claim that a good, God fearing,  conservative, devoted wife and mother like Sarah Palin cannot have a political comeback after her resignation.  She resigned in earnest.  These shameful hacks resigned in disgrace.  Both of these men should not be holding any office for one simple reason– they are people who can be easily compromised.  When Weiner resigned from Congress, it wasn’t the sexting I was troubled by because I understood that Weiner was a total degenerate. so it didn’t surprise me.  What was most troubling is how susceptible to blackmail he was and is by ANY enemy of state.  Remember that Bill Clinton’s conversations with Monica Lewinsky were obtained by two foreign governments before the scandal became public.    That’s where the real scandal is.

  10. Well done Kemberlee but it isn’t hypocrisy they are practicing. What they are practicing is their own special brand of double standards in the name of power and it is evil. Those women have full knowledge of what they are doing when they put forth their double standards. It is far beyond hypocrisy…it’s stacking the deck and rigging the game. And I reiterate…it is evil.

    Oh and P.S. That hypocrisy/double standard is also a form of discrimination.

  11. “The mind reels.” I can’t add anything t that. Except… 98.4367%? Hahahahaha ….. it doesn’t even matter to this carrier (of every known STD, probably) that the sample size to arrive at a 4-decimal-place statistic with any acceptable degree of confidence would be enormous. I do not believe that anyone anywhere anytime has ever done such a massive survey about anything. She’s just telling everyone up front, in code, that she’s lying.
    But what am I saying? Truth and democrats have less interaction than bin laden and pork.

  12. If you think about all the women in front line political movements, (mostly on the left, though), they seem to always resort to using their bodies to make a point.  Peta women run around and take photos nude; Gay rights advocates march in parades nude or some resemblance thereof; EPA protestors in SF and Europe run around naked, (even against the Pope recently).  It would appear that these women clearly think the only thing they have to make people stop and pay attention is their bodies aka sexuality.  No wonder they are confused and subject to abuse when the conditions are right.  They have been sold a bill of goods that completely demeans them to something below an object.  I can’t ever imagine Michele Malkin or Jededia Bila ever doing something as trite or meaningless as what these girls are doing in “protest”.  I’m sure I’ve missed some protests causes, but that having been stipulated, my point remains.  They are silly and never really have an impact, yet they are sure they are.  How ironic.

  13. Let’s see, you’ve got your Occupy lefties. Millions of dollars in property damage, raping women etc. Then you’ve got your unions. Millions of dollars in property damage, screaming bloody murder and threatening individuals and businesses who will not vocally support them. 
    Then you have your hordes of black people in roving gangs and such, attacking innocent white people all across the country. You’ve got The New Black Panthers with a reward out for killing Zimmerman. You’ve got the entire left hating, threatening, intimidating anyone who dares express a conservative view…with even the President of the US egging them on.
    Then you have that guy who tried to murder a bunch of folks at the Family Research thingamabob in DC a couple years ago. On top of that, you have conservatives being shouted down and chased off of campuses just for trying to speak. Then you have the abortion doctor murdering lots of babies after they were born. Then you have what the thread poster speaks of with regards to pro-abortion protests.
    Then you have conservatives who, when they protest, leave the place cleaner than it was before they got there. Nothing torn up, nothing torn down. Yet, those are the ones who are “mean-spirited” according to the left.
    See how the left twists and flips things? You aren’t supposed to notice that. You’re supposed to nod in approval while your brain atrophies. If you want to know what the left is doing, just listen to what they accuse others of. 
    God save the Queens.

  14. Finally, someone calls the liberal, “Stepford” women out for their shameless hypocrisy. ( I say Stepford, because they tend to walk around with a glazed look on their faces, especially when presented with inconvenient facts. )
    Hillary’s the worst.
    She chose to attack the women, who claimed to had been sexually assaulted by her wonderful ( sarc ) hubby, and dig up dirt–to try and bring them down.  Then she parades around the world, preaching women’s rights…no shame to her game.
    What a sick bunch.

  15. Quote:  http://therightscoop.com/why-do-democratic-women-willingly-embrace-misogyny/

    Wrong question for the Weiner/Danger profile.  Why do ambitious democratic women willingly embrace misogyny? 
    In this case there are multiple reasons.  Huma is muslim and misogyny is encoded in her DNA, she is ambitious and is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood by blood relation and prior work history connections.
    An ambitious political wannabe sees advantage in hooking up with an equally ambitious but flawed poltical interests.  These flaws conveniently provide the fulcrum to catapult to the next goal, or strongly influence poltics.  
    With Huma, she gains access to political circles where these flaws can be discovered then exploited by those who have previously been catapulted into positions of influence through Clinton/Benghazi, Clinton/Bosnia, Carter/Iran etc. etc.

  16. So if Tamara Holder’s husband/boyfriend cheated on her she should be fine with and be expecting it if she is beholden to her 98% of men cheat statistic.  But I’m willing to argue that she would be less than thrilled if her husband/boyfriend did what Weiner did.  And if Weiner can run again after this then Herman Cain can run for POTUS again after his small issue was made huge just so Obama wouldn’t have to run against a black man.  
    I agree with Kemberlee though.  These women will get treated as garbage as long as they act like garbage.  Apprently their fine with it as long as they  can kill their babies and move on to the next man in line.  I’m sure their fathers are proud of them.

  17. “Democratic women have made a habit of embracing exactly what they purportedly loathe..”
    The problem is, they DON’T LOATHE IT! They endorse it! 
    Free sex. Contraception for all. Infanticide. Promotion of immorality. They continuously defend these practices, so it’s no wonder that they say nothing!
    It was Wiener girl, “Sydney Leathers” (as she likes to be called) who wrote that Weiner “can continue sending d*ck pics every single say for the rest of his life as long as he continues to legislate like he does.”
    And THAT’S really what it’s all about with liberals. They will sacrifice common sense, morality and even forfeit their own souls if it means gaining the whole world.

    1. stage9 There was one lib on MS NBC said the same thing when Ted Kennedy died – that Mary Jo Kopekne would willingly died so that Ted could help get Obamacare passed.

  18. The reason is liberalism, big government and to a lesser extent, power,  is their religion and that takes priority over everything else.  If they think their “cause” will benefit they will do whatever it takes even if it results in a loss of dignity.

    1. rick2340 Your two sentences show more understanding than the preceding several paragraphs.

  19. Just read that Mika and Andrea Mitchell are calling Huma “brave. Maybe, Huma should give Jenny Sanford a call.

  20. I’m not saying that Repubs are perfect, but just look what Terry Mcauliffe did to his wife. Left the woman in labor to attend a fundraiser. What a disgrace.

  21. I’m not some little “Stand by your Man” wifey, home baking cookies . . .  Hillary is her Role Model.

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