Why Israel can’t go back to 1967 lines

This is a great video explaining why Israel says that going back to the 1967 military lines that existed before the six day war is completely out of the question.


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25 thoughts on “Why Israel can’t go back to 1967 lines

  1. President Obama’s statement that “the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps,” is a clear articulation of the United States’ understanding of the basis for border negotiations. This is the same basis upon which official and unofficial negotiations between the parties have been conducted for years.
    This is nothing but a right-wing hissy fit.

    1. Actually, it is far worse than another “right wing hissy fit.” These people are elected officials of the United States, not Israel. Frankly, I see this is the complete emasculation of Obama, no doubt softening him up before the GOP moves in for the kill on the budget. But doing it by undermining an American president in favor of another country, that is yet another low.

      1. SEE BELOW POST:

        This is a NEW OBAMA MINISTRY OF TRUTH Propaganda piece 

        “Based on what I am hearing around the water cooler.  Netanyahu grossly understimates American patriotism.  Most people I’ve talked to from both sides feel the Netanyahu insulted our President.  I haven’t heard of anyone who is happy about it.” – THIS IS AN EXAMPLE

        IT has been posting a variation of this argument ALL over any conservative web site IT can find. This is the 4th variation of the same argument I have seen so far. Also IT has used about 3 different names. they ALL link to the SAME IP.

        This is a NEW OBAMA MINISTRY OF TRUTH Propaganda piece 


         Jesse Lee’s new title is Director ofProgressive Media & Online Response in the White House Communication Department, working under Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, according to the HuffPo. 

      2. Did you happen to watch the video? It was made simple so people like you would understand the concept: little tanks encroaching on Israeli soil; little planes that invade Israeli land get blown up in less than a couple of minutes; little jihadi nutbags getting squashed in no time at all; little cars moving to and from on the “Israeli transportation arteries.” If any of the barriers and natural defenses are removed, the little Israeli cars, trucks, and people go bye-bye. I hope this helped you to understand with greater clarity.

      3. What about when Obama goes to places like Egypt and Germany and apologizes for America? Isn’t he, by your standards, claiming that the people of the nation he represents (bows to) did something wrong?

  2. Good find, @TRScoop !

    Does anyone know what Israel considers to be it’s territorial limits in the Mediterranean?  They need to have serious naval support stationed in the Med at all times, I would think.

  3. In other words: It’s Israels way or the highway.  It’s not anyones fault that it is a small country.  They could have used the same arguments as a reason not the give back the Sinai Peninsula. 

    1. I think Israel giving back anything to the nations they defeated is pointless and contrary to the point of war.

  4. It doesn’t matter what they do, the muslim world does not want peace, they do not want the Jews to exist on planet earth.

  5. Amazing how the republican party has been preaching this for many year now, but now that Obama has made the call they all turn their back….politics as usual and the people believe it..lmao

    When people from Fox News agree with what Obama did, then I know this is nothing more than a political game on the polititians part and then ignorance on the voters part. One of the people was Chris Wallace who completely understood what Obama was trying to do, but with everyone else they turn a blind eye to common sense.

    1. Joe, when did Fox agree with Obama? Next, you are going to tell us that man made global warming has merit.

  6. I’m still a little fuzzy on this- the ’67 borders have been THE issue for years, at Israel’s insistence- but now that someone else wants to hold them to that they get all puffed up and indignant about it? Tell me I’ve missed something along the way- or is Israel changing its tune when it looks like the US may be onto something productive for a change?

    Netanyahu- and the Israeli government- does not want peace, no matter the concessions they give ro the demands of theirs that are satisfied. Israel wants a permanent state of transition to give false cover to anything and everything they do.

    If Israel were serious, they’d redraw their own borders in accordance with those laid down in the Torah and leave it at that. As a Muslim, and in the interest of promoting peace- I would entertain that program if it were presented as a serious proposal. However, even if it were proposed by an Israeli I do not think anyone in Tel Aviv would even consider it. So much for being a ‘Jewish State’, huh?

    1. The 67 borders issue came about at Camp David. Carter wanted to revive the Geneva conference. The Geneva conference was seen a just “show” by the Arab nations and many pulled out of the talks. Sadat is who’s really responsible for getting things going and is why Egypt used to be allied with the US and Israel. But Carter didn’t like that peace talks were using Sadat’s peace initiative instead of Carter’s Geneva conference. So Carter said no to any and all peace agreements. Carter had no clue what was going on. Completely botched a possible agreement that would have solved the Palestinian issues and was taken completely by surprise.

      So you see… the 67 borders was something that could have possibly happened back then. Sadat rightly knew that Carter didn’t have what it took to get things done but still wanted better alliances with the superpower. Carter wanted to destroy the Israeli-Egyptian accord as well, but wasn’t able to. The Palestinian issue would have taken American support, so that fell through by simply boycotting the agreement. And the US has boycotted any such later agreement as well, by both Republican and Democrat administrations because everyone knew that was going backwards.

      That Obama would even dare suggest it today is beyond ridiculous. You claim that Israel doesn’t want peace. They did it with Egypt DESPITE US involvement to stop it. They also were prepared to make concession for securing their borders which would have had a solution for the Palestinian situation.

      Obama has done what Carter could not. He’s undone the balance there was with Egypt and is showing the US to be weak and making other nations feel they might be able to do something bold. And this result stemming from Obama’s ineptitude, more than anything, is at least ONE reason why Israel could never go back to the 67 borders. Seriously, would you trust Obama to have your back? Or to throw you under the bus?

      You’re right about one thing though. Israel does not want peace with terrorists.

    2. A good epistemological housecleaning is in order.

      The only thing necessary for peace in the Middle East is for the anti-Israel groups and states to stop declaring, waging, and lying about war.

      That’s it. They stop, and peace happens. Has nothing to do with your fantasies about what Israel wants.  Why, it’s as if you can read their minds.

    3. There’re no historical references to Palestinians as a nation/country, show me the historical artifact, a coin from their historic sovereign state. They are not a people within the definition principle of national self-determination and the right of land. They’ve been given opportunities to negotiate land-for-peace for sovereign territory. Under Clinton Administration, Palestinian leader was reportedly offered ~95% of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but they rejected it and instead, called for intifada uprising. Palestinian leadership don’t even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. They want it all, but they won’t have it.

  7. zer0 is an kenyan by blood – of course he will oppose Israel. He is frustrated because he can’t openly aid her enemies, so he does what he can, when he can. Passive-aggression is his only m.o.

    I imagine that Netanyahu is as anxious for POTUS 45 as the rest of us.

  8. The serious tone is in near-humorous contrast with the cartoon tanks and planes.

    Question: if Obama backtracked on this and claimed he was misunderstood, why debate it further? Is this still an issue?

    1. It was not a misunderstanding.  The problem was that us dumb rednecks who love military history knew EXACTLY what ’67 border he was talking about.  Then Obumble had to back-peddle so fast it was cartoonish.

      How many Al-Jazeera stations carried his correction?

      1. True enough and I don’t think it was a misunderstanding either. Though, of course, I seriously doubt Al-Jazeera will carry this video.

        The President really hurt our relationship with a good ally and gave her many enemies a great deal of ammunition against her. Good job, sir. Well played. Who shall we alienate next? Mr. Netanyahu continues to play the role of grown up in this situation and has avoided further driving in a wedge. He’s been firm and polite at the same time.

        1. At this point, the kids on South Park look positively grown up compared to this Administration’s people, from mushy top to sludgy bottom.

          Sorry, the role of Sludgy Bottom would be better played by the dethroned rep. from San Fransisco.

  9. When first saw the “trillium”-looking logo in the top right of the screen, I thought that this video may have been created by the Government of Ontario.  LOL

    I like how it clearly shows the topographic realities of the area.

  10. What’s amazing to me is that Barry wandered into this briar patch.

    He could have milked the Osama killing for a couple of weeks, instead he

    a. blew the aftermath with 18 versions of what happened with an admin. that couldn’t keep it’s mouth shut.

    b. wandered into the Israel border line dispute.

    What an idiot!

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