“Why should we trust you?” – Biden confronted about Solyndra green energy subsidies [video]

Biden was confronted today by someone from the Washington Examiner asking him about the green energy subsidies that he and Obama orchestrated with Solyndra. Here’s what he had to say:

If you don’t remember, Solyndra was a solar panel company started by a big Obama campaign contributor. Obama and Biden gave Solyndra half a billion in guaranteed loans from the stimulus bill for their phony green energy business. The company took the loan in 2009 and went bankrupt and was defunct by 2011.

Now Biden is claiming he doesn’t support any green energy subsidies and that’s why you should trust him. Yeah right. I know he was just the vice president, but give me a break.

Also, can you imagine how outraged the media would be if Trump did something like this, giving huge amounts of taxpayer ‘guaranteed loans’ to his big donors under the guise of green energy? It would be the scandal of all scandals. But the media didn’t even blink when Obama did it. They protected the hell out of him, despite the corruption pouring out of his administration.

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