Why won’t DNC chair Tom Perez answer this ONE very SIMPLE question?

OK this is truly weird. There has been somewhat conspiratorial theories surrounding why the DNC refuses to turn over the server that was supposedly hacked by the Russians to the FBI.

And when Tom Perez, the head of the DNC, is asked TWICE why that is, he simply refuses to answer.

Watch him deflect below:

I mean, dude is literally yelling, “THAT IS AN ACT OF WAR!” instead of simply answering the damn question! LOL!!

Just what the heck is on that server? That Hillary Clinton herself wrote the Trump dossier, then forced Seth Rich to hack the DNC and send the info to the innocent saints at WikiPedia so that she could shoot him and run off to a pedophile pizza party with sasquatch, Elvis, and the freemason stonecutter chupacabra elites?!?!

The way Perez is acting, it sure sounds like it!!!

Here’s the entire segment of his interview:

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