Why won’t sexual assault accuser press charges against Trump? Her answer is really weird.

The latest woman to accuse Trump of really awful sexual assault went on cable news to tell her story.

But when she was asked why she didn’t press charges against him, her answer was really really weird.

Watch below:

I’m not saying that Trump is such a virtuous example of Christian morality that he would never do such a thing. But, she’s making serious serious charges of not just harassment, but actual rape against Trump. If it really happened, why wouldn’t she want to press charges?

Her excuse is just bizarre – she doesn’t want to “insult” the women being raped at the border? HUH? There are women migrants being raped on their way to the border, but once they get into detention, there are ZERO accusations of rape. What the hell is she talking about?

She must realize her dumb mistake because she rambles on about all the women in the world being raped. But that doesn’t mean every crime falling short of rape should be excused simply because greater evil is happening in the world.

Just weird.

Now, it doesn’t help that Trump just lashed out with a statement that could be verifiably false:

But I guess we kinda expect that from him. Also, #MAGA!!!

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