Why would Google give you money and why would you take it? – Tucker grills Jim Jordan on reigning in Big Tech [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson had Rep. Jim Jordan on his show tonight to discuss what we’re doing about Big Tech’s censoring of conservatives and grilled him on the issue.


Tucker really wanted to know what these consequences are that lawmakers speak of when it comes to dealing with the censorship of conservatives by Big Tech. Jordan argued that modifying Section 230 is a big one. He also noted that the DOJ is investigating some of these companies for antitrust violations.

Tucker specifically asked if there would be any consequences of Big Tech between now and the election, considering how difficult it is to win an election with Big Tech censorship going on, and Jordan essentially suggested that we’ll have to win the election in order to do something in Congress because Republicans in the House aren’t in control.

Tucker then asked Jordan why Google, the second highest contributor of his campaign in the last election cycle, would donate to his campaign AND why would he take the money? Jordan basically said he has no problem taking their money but it doesn’t change who he is, and then to defend himself went back to the fact that he challenged Google in the hearing today on how they tried to get Hillary elected.

In a frustrated moment, Tucker reminded Jordan that he’s a talk show host and he knows that already and basically asked Jordan where is the effort to remove the liability protections from these companies? Jordan pointed to Josh Hawley who is working on it and said his staff is working on it as well, but noted that none of it happens if we don’t win back the House in November. Tucker again noted that it’s going to be difficult to win the election if Big Tech continues to interfere and just pointed out the frustration of himself and his viewers.

The interview ended cordially, of course, as the interview wasn’t really adversarial. Tucker simply asked some tough questions and wanted Jordan to know that Republicans are fed up with waiting on this to happen.

Not trying to be too cynical here, but asking for a victory in another election to accomplish something big like removing liability protections from Section 230 reminds of the failure of Republicans to actually repeal Obamacare when they promised they’d do it if they won the 2016 election. Just sayin’ that people aren’t going to keep buying into this ‘we must win’ argument if Republicans aren’t going to keep their promises. That’s not to say they haven’t kept some of their promises, but Obamacare was a BIG one and they failed to keep their promise.

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