WINNING! Hollyweird CANCELS movie of evil elite liberals hunting Trump-supporters, who get revenge…

YET ANOTHER WIN FOR THE TRUMP BORG!! Ever since the very knowledgable and not-at-all-reactionary twitterverse found out about a horrible movie where Deplorable Trump-voters get revenge on evil rich liberal elites who hunt them for sport, the more rational among us knew we had to SHUT THAT DOWN.

WINNING!! That’s the last time HollywEIRD thinks about making a movie about Trump-voters who destroy evil liberal elites!! Thank goodness for Twitter!!!

Predictably, some JERKS who don’t like WINNING are complaining:

Loooosers! Clearly they have gotten tired of winning. Or maybe they’re a part of the deep state. Better keep an eye on them. But definitely do not keep an eye on this preview of the movie, which is pure evil:


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119 thoughts on “WINNING! Hollyweird CANCELS movie of evil elite liberals hunting Trump-supporters, who get revenge…

  1. The movie hasn’t been canceled, it’s only been postponed. It will eventually be released, the producers just aren’t saying when. Probably just before the election, I’d bet.

  2. This changes nothing. This does nothing to change the fact that Hollywood has shown what liberals consider “entertainment”. This does nothing to change the fact that Hollywood liberals believed this would be suitable for release to the public, and viewed as entertainment that they could profit from. This does nothing to change the fact that these so called “actors” took these roles, in such an evil thing, intentionally designed to be divisive and hateful of those that they sociopolitically disagree with. The actors in this movie are people that I will try to avoid all the future products of, especially Hilary Swank.

  3. The left and right should never be depicted killing each other. More division is not needed or desired.

  4. I couldn’t believe that someone could produce, be part of and intend to sell this decadent and evil garbage. Pedo Hillary with her basket of deplorables and her hysterical laughter during the Benghazi hearings comes up to my mind. Do we now need background checks and psychological evaluations for politicians and movie makers?

  5. Hollywood is at its essence “show business” – emphasis on business. Hopefully they got enough pushback which told them this was going to be a money-sucking bomb, and decided to cut their losses.

    Yeah right. I can dream, can’t I?

  6. we had to SHUT THAT DOWN.

    That this is the mentality on both sides of the political fence, btw, is why I have no faith in the future of this nation and no respect whatsoever for the American electorate.

    Just. Saying.


    I’m just saying…


      1. Would you have attended a book burning, were it a book you didn’t like?

        Because this ain’t a far cry from that.

        I wouldn’t go see the movie. But that doesn’t mean I’d stop the movie from being seen. Which one are you?

    1. All iI want to know, who was the first to be wasted by the deplorables.Then I will know which side was the good side.,

  7. Yay! I’m so glad there is a mob out there protecting me from myself!

    BTW, like was said above, it looked like the “deplorables” were the good guys. So…

    Anywaysss, thank God so many people are looking out for little ole me.

  8. I think the whole concept of the movie is ghastly. I don’t care who gets the better of who. WTH? This is where we are?

    1. It’s just a movie not to be taken seriously. I don’t see how it’s any different than any other movie that has Texans cutting people’s heads off with chainsaws. Oh….yes I do. The evil ones depicted here are snowflake liberals and we can’t have that.

      1. Oh this is different from a psycho killer film. We like it because the Trumpers win? Would we like it if the liberals won? This is just sick, political nonsense, produced by a town full of sickos.

  9. It is made from the same people that make the Purge series. “Kill’ the rich and all. It will get released closer to Halloween or even to Christmas if they want the scraps of Star Wars. It was never going to be a blockbuster but it will not be shelved forever.

  10. I’m not sure if Soop’s being sarcastic about the movie or if he really believes it’s terrible and needed to be shut down.

    It looks good to me and there are some well known actors in it. As far as I’m concerned getting it shut down is a form of control by pansy snowflakes and weak-kneed conservatives. It’s just a movie for crying out loud. People act like it’s going to start a civil war.

    1. It was self-censorship. They could have allowed the free market to determine the film’s success, but conservative dollars must be worth as much as real dollars…

        1. If it weren’t for the shootings, the film probably would have went on as planned. This was to appease the general public, because four Purge films and counting, suggests they have no problem linking violence in America to the right. The negative publicity was mounting, and they abandoned ship.

    2. Meh. Just another shoot-em-up, action flick. Without all of the hoopla surrounding it, I probably could have watched it without a political takeaway.

        1. The trailer looked like it was typical of this genre. I’d probably watch it, but wouldn’t go out of my way to do so.

      1. Purge 5 is set to be released in July 2020. Although my schedule has prevented me from seeing the first four films, a movie about Americans killing Americans (consequence free), because conservatives are evil and obviously linked with mother Russia and the ghosts of Nazi Germany, seems like a valuable contribution to society…

        1. I’ll put them on my list of must-see movies, right after Brokeback Mountain, which follows Midnight Cowboy.

    3. Usually agree but not this time. The political division and hatred is bad enough without throwing more kerosene onto the fire. There are too many nutjobs out there.

  11. I haven’t been to the movie theater for years for several reasons, but had this movie been released and eventually aired on TV, I would watch it.
    The Hunt is probably better than some of the really crappy movies I’ve watched out of boredom. My vote is: Release the movie. I like to decide what I watch.

  12. What was the cost of this movie…..please let be close to a billion….oh sweet that would be. But I could settle for half that loss,!

  13. I know nothing of this movie except the central premise, but are we supposed to believe that it makes
    ordinary Americans the good guys and the elite the bad guys? When does Hollywood EVER do that?
    It just sounds implausible on the face of it.

  14. We win and they canceled it? Well, doesn’t that suck. Looks like just another bloody action movie.

  15. It doesn’t matter who wins in the end of the movie, it’s the premise itself. Hunting down humans. After all the mass shootings lately, it’s a bad idea to put such things into a young or disturbed mind. Can’t they come up with something better as entertainment?

        1. It is, indeed! I can imagine that some psychos like the loser Tommy Lee would get aroused by watching this movie. Have you seen his last comments? This is exactly what we all here are talking about.

    1. As to whether or not they can come up with better entertainment, no, I think they have no creativity. People filled with so much hateful ideology have no good ideas; in fact, if you have noticed, both on television and in films, they are remaking remakes! Better to watch the reruns on television from the 60’s and 70’s than to watch their botched makeovers.

      1. You know what scares me the most? Something like this might be actually taking place right now. Many movies are a representation of something that is actually happening but not in the public yet.

        1. Aren’t we talking about 90 day other way could those losers have been matched up.Of course if you were on the show then I will apologize.

          1. I have watched the show. Very strange people (I hope they don’t vote) but most television is similar. We are in the process of moving so we are not paying for cable anymore.

            1. I watch it once in a while for its humor,but I have never seen or known a couple that matches up with what they put on that show.Thanks Kathleen.

  16. Oh whatever; that piece of trash will go to the obama netflix channel where most gen-x and millennials watch anyway. Besides, had it actually gone to theaters, it would have resulted in so much havoc that Trump would amass far more voters, as a result, so in a way, it could be kind of a loss. When it goes to netflix, there will be shootings mimicking the film anyway and we cannot let that go unchecked.

  17. Fox is reporting Universal Pictures canceled the movie because of the recent El Paso – Dayton shootings because it’s bad timing. Since when did Hollywood get so sensitive?

  18. Ace tackles this in long form, and it’s well thought out (not the cancellation aspect, which is breaking nooz). The NT takes are pretty shallow, although they at least sniffed out a problem with the “gotcha” aspect of this “Huntin Yoomanz” trope…

    Your Daily Cuckstorm: Effeminate, Emasculated Twitter Soyboys Are On, Get This, Twitter, Shrieking About, Get This, How Dumb Conservatives Are and How Much Smarter Than Conservatives They Are

    Starter pullquote:

    For now, I want to make a general point about the Very Online Twitter Addicted Virtue Signalling Never-Silent Cucks.

    Every tweet from these people is either 1, We’re Better! or 2, “See, we were right about Trump!”

    You know — exactly like hysterical leftwingers, who, you know, they have absolutely no points of commonality or community with.

    That’s why they go hysterical over every Trump tweet — everything with them is about salving their wounded ego.

    Every morning is a new chance on twitter to seize on the SJW narrative of the day and shriek in triumph, “See? We were right about Trump, ALL ALONG! Now you see! Now you see! Now you see! We’re not the dumb ones, we’re the smart ones! YOU’RE the dumb ones! See?! See?! See?!”

    1. Agreed, but we’ve witnessed similar behavior on the right. Ego drives Red Hats to throw Trump’s accomplishments back in the face of skeptics, and shun the conservatives the President has won over, which isn’t helpful to his reelection campaign, and ego prevents the permanent NeverTrumpers from conceding any ground to the ‘basket of deplorables’ that constantly tormented them throughout the 2016 presidential election. If Red Hats don’t tone it down this time around, Trump could be a sure thing, like Hillary was a sure thing.

      1. I’m not seeing any such shunning of conservatives. But I don’t hang out at certain sites like Breitbart, FreeRepublic, or GatewayPundit, so maybe a few of the more jack*ss level Trumpkins are still hammering Cruz for being Canadian or whatever.

        But no Trump supporting pundit with a real following is shunning conservatives.

  19. My question to the “STUDIO” is what made you think that there was ever a “good” time to release such a divisive movie with the storyline the movie makers were peddling.

    We have so much lawlessness being defended and celebrated by the Left of late and you add to that the unfortunate reality that we no longer lock up very sick nutwings that want their 15 minutes of fame and you have a powder keg waiting to happen.

    Too many Charlie Manson wannabes in my opinion are still unfortunately walking amongst us deplorables and they are being egged on quite aggressively by Soros types and other Marxists.

    P.S. – lets see some of these brilliant creative movie makers come up with a storyline where there was a horrible sexual predator who had the goods on a whole lot of Dem elitists ending up committing suicide while being on suicide watch. Lets see who may want to make a movie out of that. Just saying…………………….

  20. Notice how the same people blaming Trump’s speech for the violence are completely silent about Hollywood glorifying gore and violence? If you ask me who is more influential to those in the 20-40 age group (mass shooter demographic), it’s Hollywood! These people often times see these actors as their idols and want to imitate them. Not saying there is a direct connection between movies and violence, but everyone keeps asking what’s different, WELL, when I go back and look at movies decades ago, I don’t see the kind of violence we see now, so there you go–that’s one difference!

    1. I’ve seen movies with enough gunshots to kill off a whole city. They love their weapons on display in Hollywood movies!

    2. I believe that movies can trigger if not make violence acceptable as many glorify everything that comes from Hollywood. I like your comment very much.

      1. Thanks Susitna, I tend to agree with your sentiment on movies and violence. I think at minimum, they make people more desensitized to violence so that it becomes more acceptable to watch and even carry out.

        1. Regarding this matter, please check out the latest comments from Tommy Lee the rocker. Beyond disgusting! Now imagine the combination of ignorance, drug addiction and movies displaying violence.

    3. So you’re saying Trump is responsible for shootings? At least tangentially. Because if not, I have no idea what the relevance of this argument is.

        1. Beef? The only problem I have is that your argument is based entirely upon your feels. If media is responsible for shootings, then we don’t get to complain if idiot liberals blame Trump when a shooter’s manifesto echoes his rhetoric.

          There’s 0 evidence that links media consumption to violent behavior. Be better than the fact free left.

          1. Maybe you need to reread what I wrote. I don’t think you can deny my point on who is more influential and for you to equate Trumps few words a few years ago with the constant stream of violence from Hollywood is intellectually dishonest. I am merely showing they have no moral ground to stand on because of their blatant hypocrisy and that it’s more likely that people would be influenced by Hollywood than by what a politician says.

            So your accusations are lacking any factual basis, but maybe in the process of turning the tables you are projecting?

            1. Not many can understand what they are reading and this is also a big problem in the “era of communication”. And many cannot even differentiate between reality and fiction. Movies can be used as a propaganda tool to instigate violence. It is just like a longer ad. Why do we buy CocaCola, why do we smoke, why do we accept abortions as a choice and not as a murder etc. etc. etc….

              1. Exactly, and while Trump may say things that seem inflammatory to the left, they are absolutely correct and he always qualifies them with words like, “but I want it done legally” or something to that effect. As opposed to movies that actually depict and many times give much detail on how to carry out violence.

  21. Have any of this twitters even seen that movie? The movie has leftist hillary swank as a producer.

  22. First of all, the premise of this sick, leftist fantasy land of murder porn is laughable. Lefties hate guns. And you are telling me some doughy, soyboy lefties kidnap and hunt so called, deplorables???? Their deranged group of soyboy antifag thugs have to wear masks to commit violence and they only do that in leftist run cities. This sounds as much like a joke as The Day After Tomorrow.

  23. Hollywood is lacking in originality and creativity today they are not only producing one remake after another but also one movie cliche after another; I’ve seen about half a dozen horror films with the same story line; a group being chased by a killer or killers and killed off one by one. But this movie takes the cake.

  24. I wonder how fast the movie would have been shut down if it depicted hunting down Jews or Muslims.

    That’s right, immediately ! with massive condemnation and boycotts across the country.

    The depravity, inhumanity evil this notion reveals is the disgusting vile sick twisted hate Hollywood Leftists are consumed with.

  25. Only hate-filled crazy people would come up with a story line like this. Thanks NBC Universal for telling us exactly who you are, and who to avoid.

  26. I don’t know, looks like we rednecks do some asskickin’ and win in the end. Show the movie.
    We all know who’s gonna’ win the dang war anyway.

    1. You have to think of that plot outcome from the perception of a leftist though. It’s an image to get them riled up, to enrage them and make them hate people on the right (especially ‘MAGA’ people) even more. Most leftists, their whole cultural identification is upheld by Hollywood fiction and the entertainment media. They take things, like how this film ends, far too seriously and self-radicalize over it. And Hollywood knows this.

        1. Exactly. Even when this country was its most religious, we were never anywhere near the state of religious control that The Handmaid’s Tale portrays. But the majority of leftists know little to nothing about the depth and intricacies of this nation’s history and what would never be a possibility. They love their scare porn though, as long as it’s PC.

  27. When Hollyweird stops making movies that glorify murder and guns, I’ll believe the Leftist call for gun control to be sincere. Until that time, it’s nothing more than political pandering and hypocrisy.

    The trailer was disgusting. Only sick minds come up with this kind of garbage. And only sick minds can’t understand why no one would want to watch it.

  28. Can a movie influence a person’s psychology?
    Can a lifetime of film, TV, advertising & media?
    What if the children of that generation are raised with relentless, continual bombardment in all senses via earbuds, touch screens, digital billboards, games, classroom educational materials, etc.?

    Luke 21:28 KJV
    [28] And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

  29. In the header photo, they’re on railroad tracks, a la Walking Dead. They didn’t film this in Georgia, did they?

    1. Exactly. As much as I hate p*ssy hat wearing libs, if they made a movie about Gadsden flag guys hunting them down, I wouldn’t be down with that. In fact Hollywood did do something similar with the movie “Desierto”. A “white, conservative male” type sniping off illegals in the desert. It’s insulting and weak.
      The Hunt movie looks like garbage. Plus there’s a good chance that somebody may take it the wrong way and might turn the attendees of the theatre into bullet cushions. Besides, they just said they aren’t releasing the film at this time. They probably will release it some time later. And you know they’ll capitalize on it being “the most controversial movie of the year!!”

        1. Their whole goal is for conservatives to watch this and say “Gee, I never thought mass shootings could be used against us. Maybe we do need some kind of gun control.” As if to say:
          A: Conservatives are fine with mass shootings so long as it’s not them.

          B: They’re so stupid that Hollywood can hide their gun control propaganda in a film that makes conservatives the heroes.

  30. One of the things I love about The Dark Knight Rises is that it shows that people who pretend to fight for “social justice” (Bane, his army, Occupy Wall Street) are far more evil than even the rich a**holes and police once they get into power.

  31. What is laughable is these twitterers saying they watched the trailer therefore they know the whole movie. Why do you need the movie then, champ? Another point that these great twitterers of our generation can’t comprehend is here you have gun grabbers in hollywood exhibiting continued hypocrisy with making a movie about hunting people while in the real world screeching about “gun violence.”

  32. I’m disappointed now that there’s been so much hype about it. I would like to have seen the movie and judge it for myself. Plus that blonde looked pretty hot!

  33. Never Trump twitter Einsteins bemoaning that a movie depicting hunting human beings because of a different political opinion is pulled, clutch their fake pearls in outrage and get the vapors over Trump’s twitter feed.

  34. Adolf Hitler did the same thing to the Jews in the late 30’s in order to make people believe they were inferior. The dems are using his playbook by controlling the media and theater. Look where the Jews ended up. 5,000,000 dead. This movie was the same thing only it wasn’t aimed at Jews.

  35. Given the way that Hollywood rolls, you’d have to be one dumb mf to think that the deplorables would really be celebrated as the good guys. Nope. This was scare porn as others have said and it’s designed to make leftists think that deplorables are a threat so they need to make sure none of them are left. It’s eliminationist rhetoric.

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