WOAH: Ted Cruz releases birth certificate

For someone who seems intent on dodging questions about a 2016 run, this certainly doesn’t seem like something I’d have expected him to do at this point. Surprise! It looks like to me he is definitely considering a run for the presidency. After all, why would he release it unless he were planning a run for president and wanted to allay concerns that he is a natural born citizen?

I think he’s going to be getting this question a lot over the next few days:


THE HILL – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) released his birth certificate to the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, a move that will undercut critics who say he’s ineligible to run for president.

Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother. The Constitution says only a “natural born” American citizen can become president, which includes those born overseas to American parents.

However, The Dallas Morning News reports that under Canadian law, Cruz’s birthplace of Calgary also made him an instant citizen of Canada. The Constitution doesn’t address whether someone with dual citizenship can run for the highest office.

Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier disputed the notion that Cruz was also a citizen of Canada.

“Senator Cruz became a U.S. citizen at birth, and he never had to go through a naturalization process after birth to become a U.S. citizen,” she told The Dallas Morning News. “To our knowledge, he never had Canadian citizenship, so there is nothing to renounce.”


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