WOKE: Biden bans ICE from using ‘illegal alien’ and other non-offensive words

Biden’s administration has banned ICE officials from using the term ‘illegal alien’ to refer to illegal aliens, as well as other non-offensive words:

WASHINGTON TIMES – With President Biden in control, ICE has moved to police its agents’ words, telling them the terms “alien” and “illegal alien” may no longer be used in any documents.

Instead, agents have been ordered to use “undocumented” — as in “undocumented noncitizen” or “undocumented individual.”

David Shaw, acting assistant director of domestic operations at Homeland Security Investigations, said in a memo that the changes were “an effort to align with current guidance and to ensure consistency in reporting.” His order applies to all official documents, memos and even emails.

“Migrant” and “refugee” are still allowed, as is “seasonal worker” and “detainee.” But agents were told not to refer to the crime of sneaking illegal immigrants into the country as “alien smuggling.” The new approved term is “human smuggling.”

And the word “asylee” is gone, in favor of “asylum seeker.”

Misplaced Priorities:

ICE veterans called the changes stunning and Rosemary Jenks, vice president at NumbersUSA, which advocates for stricter immigration limits, said it suggested misplaced priorities.

“I would think HSI would have more important things to do than this absurd effort to remove legal language from their vocabulary,” she said. “Last I checked, we still have far too many dangerous criminal aliens, sex traffickers, smugglers and other threats to public safety and national security operating in the United States for HSI to be focused on becoming more woke.”

Woke is the right word. If Biden and his brown shirts really cared about actual border enforcement, they wouldn’t be doing this just over a week out from his inauguration. But they plan to slow everything down as much as they can because they want these illegal aliens to stick around and eventually become new (or fraudulent) voters for the Democrat party while they continue to wreck this country.

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