Woke Bryan Cranston explains why he thinks ‘Make America Great Again’ is racist

The famous woke actor Bryan Cranston somehow thinks that the MAGA slogan, ‘Make America Great Again’, is a racist slogan.

He explained this last night on the fledgling CNN show hosted by Chris Wallace.

Cranston suggests that America has never been ‘great’ for blacks, so to suggest we want to make it great again is racist:

Cranston asks “When was it ever great for the African American?”

How about we ask someone like Ben Carson, who grew up in poverty and became a wealthy famous brain surgeon.

How about we ask someone like Tim Scott, who also great up in poverty and is now a respected US Senator.

And that’s just to name a couple. There are loads and loads of African Americans who have pulled themselves out of poverty and have become tremendous success stories.

Cranston asks “When was it ever great for the African American?” I say now! I say it’s been great for African Americans, as well as all Americans, for decades upon decades.

Cranston is living in the past. He must be loaded with white guilt or something because his entire premise is nothing but garbage.

He also told Chris Wallace that he believes critical race theory MUST be taught in schools in the fuller clip:

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