Woke dad lets toddler son transition to a ‘daughter’ to get 3 million followers on TikTok

A woke dad on TikTok has acquired 3 million followers after letting his toddler son transition to be a “daughter”. The son is so young that it’s hard to tell he’s a boy in the video below with his hair grown out like a girl.

Here’s the video:

I went to the dad’s TikTok account and there are videos where you can clearly see he’s a boy.

Like the one below from 6 days ago:

@jonathanjoly It wasnt easy but shes happy now 🏳️‍⚧️❤️ #sacconejolys #trans #lgbtq ♬ paravi das cover of cloud 9 by beach bunny – Paravi

This family is from London and they have truly bought into the lie that it’s okay to transition what is essentially a toddler into the opposite sex. They claim it is not a phase, but how in the hell do they know when they are feeding this gender madness daily??? He doesn’t even know himself at this age. All he knows about himself is what they tell him and allow him to believe.

What are they going to do when he gets older and his male features become more pronounced? What are they going to tell him when he looks in the mirror and see more boy than girl and decides he’s made a massive mistake?

And I hope it doesn’t happen, but what if in the future he wants to commit suicide because he realizes this is not who he is but he can’t go back? What will they tell him then?

It’s probably a-okay in London to transition your young child into the opposite sex, but it shouldn’t be. It should be considered child abuse and dealt with accordingly.

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