Woke DC judge RELEASES 18-yr-old who shot up a neighborhood with an AR-15

An 18-year-old shot up a Washington DC neighborhood with an AR-15 in late April, just a mile away from the US Capitol, and a woke judge decided to release him on bail before his trial.

Fortunately no one one was hurt, but this move by Judge Nolan has angered residents and even the US Attorney’s office has filed a petition to reverse Amante Moody’s release and put him in jail.

Here’s more from Daily Mail:

A Washington DC judge has sparked backlash after releasing a teenager accused of spraying a sleepy neighborhood with bullets from an AR-15.

Judge Lloyd U. Nolan Jr., a self-described ‘woke’ magistrate judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, ruled that Amonte Moody, 18, be released on bail ahead of his trial.

The 18-year-old allegedly peppered a street with 26 rounds while targeting a car of four people at 2:30am on April 22, with Ring doorbell footage capturing a suspect shooting wildly from the hip with the assault rifle.

Nobody was injured or killed in the shooting spree, which unfolded just over a mile from the US Capitol. Despite the chaos he allegedly caused, Nolan granted Moody pre-trial release and home arrest.

After his decision raised eyebrows, Fox News reported that his online presence included a post where he said he was ‘still woke’, and another where he donated to a fundraiser supporting a George Soros-backed professor.

After he allegedly opened fire, prosecutors say that Moody rushed back inside a nearby residence and disassembled the AR-15 and hid the pieces in the attic.

The concealed gun was only found after several searches by cops, and Moody was later charges with endangerment of a firearm, possession of a weapon and assault.



Residents on the street where Moody allegedly opened fire reacted with fury following Nolan’s ruling on May 3, which will also see Moody fitted with an ankle monitor and ordered to avoid the people he allegedly aimed at.

Former chief counsel for the US Maritime Administration under President Barack Obama, attorney Denise Krepp, said that the ruling is ‘insanity.’

‘Where are the grownups?’ she questioned to Blaze News. ‘Where are the real grownups?’

‘That kid walked out of the house, took a gun with him, shot up the neighborhood, and then calmly went back into the house,’ she continued.

‘But for the grace of God, nobody died in my neighborhood that night.’

Krepp added that residents on the street have been left ‘angered’ and ‘p***** off’ by the news of Moody’s release, and said the general mood is one of ‘frustration.’

‘(We are) wondering what the judge was doing,’ she said.



The US Attorney’s Office in DC sought to quickly reverse the suspect’s release, filing a petition for an emergency hearing on Monday hoping to put him back in custody.

In the filing, it was claimed that Moody ‘littered the street with shell casings’, and ‘anyone who happened to walk into that street at that moment could have been killed as an innocent bystander.’

‘Everyone in the car the defendant targeted was at risk. Every resident of that street was at risk,’ the USAO’s filing read.

Prosecutors argued that house arrest and GPS monitoring are insufficient for keeping the community safe.

The reason for this, the USAO filing noted, is that the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) ‘only works during normal business hours.’

Shockingly, this would mean that if a suspect violates their terms at certain times, ‘PSA only finds out about violations that occur at night or on weekends after the fact, once normal business hours resume.’

The filing also said that while Moody’s defense cited his family support system and lack of criminal history, ‘those things were true when the defendant’ allegedly opened fire.

The pre-trial hearing is today so hopefully this decision gets reversed. We’ll let you know when we hearing something.

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