WOKE FIGHT!! Hilariously outraged Hillbots, led by Hillary herself, go to WAR with ‘deranged’ Maureen Dowd, NYT

Hillary Clinton led the charge along with dozens of blue check Twitter libs on Saturday in revolt against, and the roasting of, liberal feminist New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. And it was HILL-ARIOUS.

Understand it’s not hilarious because they are funny good natured jokers or are witty, but because left-on-left cannibalism is always funny. Especially over degrees of wokeness. Such as Dowd trying to bash misogynist America for not picking enough women to run on the presidential ticket, and getting busted for “erasing” Hillary’s candidacy.


It started with a tweet from the New York Times Opinion account.

Yeah they seem to have forgotten a ticket. This guy’s profile says he’s Hillary’s “#1 supporter” and, and he was not pleased.

The New York Times redid the tweet, rephrasing it to say “since a man CHOSE a woman” .. in other words, when the man at the top of the ticket chose a female running mate, not vice versa. But the damage had hit already and Hillary chimed in, which kicked off such a backlash against the NYT and Dowd that it became a trending topic.


And when people pointed out the hilarity of it all, as woke feminist scolds they naturally got angry about that, too.

Just perfect.

This is good, too:

So basically the New York Times tried to erase Hillary’s campaign. For once, they had the right idea about something. I’ve been trying to block it out of my memory for years.

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