Woke Joe Biden says put MALE prisoners who ‘identify’ as women into FEMALE prison pop because that’s totally sane (VIDEO)

If you ever ask yourself “is there an end to the madness” we have your answer: NO. There is no end to the madness of wokeness.

Take Joe Biden for example. He’s prepared to export his groping ways to the prison population, as he was happy to explain on the campaign trail. Happy, because the contest of wokeness is about saying the wokest and most outrageous thing you can think of. It’s a game of being one better than the last person who woked.

“Bernie said he wants to let domestic terrorists vote from prison? I can top that,” said the voice in Biden’s head. And out popped this hokum:

“In prison the determination should be that your sexual identity is defined by what you say it is, not in fact by what the prison says it is,” he said to the LGBTQ forum at the Iowa event. His off the wall commentary kind of trailed off as he realized he wasn’t even asked that question.

Conservative writer Bethany Mandel has the proper reaction.

It’s absolutely crazy. These people are not right in the head. And I’m talking about Democrats, not their imprisoned victims.

Let me tell y’all something. This “identify as” business isn’t at its peak by a long shot. This madness is only going to get worse, and when the backlash really revs up it’s going to be quite a whirlwind to reap.

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52 thoughts on “Woke Joe Biden says put MALE prisoners who ‘identify’ as women into FEMALE prison pop because that’s totally sane (VIDEO)

  1. Aside from the absurd content, like offering to complete the male to female trans fantasy by giving them access to OB/GYNs (newsflash, they don’t really have OB/GYN issues because they aren’t really females), he sounds like he’s losing his grasp. He has to correct himself, he has to stop himself, and he’s clearly lost.

  2. I think we should call their bluff on this one. We’ll name it the Biden Prison Reform Act to let male prisoners who identify as women move to women’s prisons and female prisoners who identify as male to move to male prisons. I want to which Democrat and Republican politicians votes for this, and then hang it around their neck like an albatross.

  3. In their world this makes perfect sense, Free sexual expression of all varieties in exchange for massive restrictions on your rights. It’s part of the Marxist playbook.

  4. I would say let’s go ahead and unleash this experiment on the prison population so people can see once and for all what dangerous lunacy it is, but even I have some compassion for female prisoners.

      1. Honestly, no. His incompetence is too obvious.

        I think ordinary libs really wanted him to be the one, but his problems are just too obvious. Their #1 goal is to defeat Trump, and he just isn’t up to it.

        1. Agreed. I think its Warren. Shes very cunning and crafty. I think when she said that she will ban all fracking everywhere on day one she might have sealed her fate.

  5. According to Twitterverse, Joe Biden was talking about curing Alzheimer’s — then immediately forgot what he was going to say. There’s a chance he doesn’t even understand this whole transgender crap sandwich.

    1. I seriously believe he doesn’t buy into it at all…..just desperate to be potus. This is really his last chance……which is ⭕️‼️

      1. With the exception of Bernie Sanders, I don’t think any of the presidential candidates believe the junk they say. It’s all about gaining the power of POTUS.

  6. Exactly, Fred T. This madness is going to get worse on all fronts, lgbtqwtf, climate hysteria, race nonsense…I can’t wait for the backlash. It will be epic.

    1. Epic. You’re so right.

      When liberals wake up and realize how they’ve been duped they will be angry. And when today’s kids grow up, neurotic and terrified, and realize God is taking good care of the Earth as always, they will feel so betrayed.


    1. Isn’t that sad???? I’ll never forget hearing that. Hard as I might try…
      Just how long do you think ol’ Joe will take the beating before he throws in the towel? I don’t see him lasting.

  7. If I were going to prison (wrongly convicted of course), I know I would suddenly identify as female.

    So what if every man did this? (And why wouldn’t they?) They could just change the prison designation from “male” to “males who identify as female” and we’d be right back to where we are now. This problem could solve itself…

    Don’t ask me about gay males.

  8. Joe Biden will never be POTUS unless the commie-socialists steal the election from We The People. In fact, ANY Commie-Socialist Progressive Demo☭rat would be disastrous for our economy and freedoms. As of two days ago, an Iowa poll says Elizabeth Warren has taken the lead in that state (though, polls mean nothing, IMO). But I found this interesting…Leon Cooperman, the billionaire boss at Omega Advisors, says ‘They won’t open the stock market if Elizabeth Warren is the next president.’ “Her policies are counterproductive,” Cooperman said. “They’re negative for capitalism, and capitalism is what brought America into the position we’re in today.” Watch the full interview (scroll down for the video):

    1. The candidates pander to what they think the voters want to hear. The democrat party has been taken over by the radical LGBTQALPHABET degenerates.

    2. The media. If they were honest none of the candidates would be polling above 2% and people would be more informed.

        1. Yes all 3. And especially the voters who would vote for a socialist democrat who promises to make their and their families life a living hell just because they have such a personal hatred for Trump

  9. Biden has jumped in with both feet. There is no moderate democrat party anymore. Somehow he thinks far-leftism will appeal to mainstream America. Wrong.

    1. Joe is just jumping on the bandwagon, I don’t think he’s had an original thought since the Ukraine.

    1. That’s the difference between us and the radical left. We’re happy when our families and neighbors are prospering in this good economy. Low unemployment, wages rising. Optimism. They can’t stand it. They sure are a mean and spiteful bunch.

  10. I guess Sleepy Joe will increase the number of idiotic things he says… as long as the “gaffes” distract the anti-Trumpers from the QUID PRO QUO/Hunter Biden-Ukraine story. I doubt it will work… it truly astonishes me that this man was once our Vice President. Like Trump says, Obama did take him off the trash heap!

  11. The democrat candidates are bending over backwards to pander to the mentally ill fringe perverts and open sinners of our society. It’s really sad that the media and Hollywood degenerates took over the dem party.

  12. Ah let em’ go to female jail. All those women. I can’t see these ‘identifiers’ as being very dominant in there. You wanna be a girl? Good luck.

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