Woke mob tries to bully the NCAA into punishing states that ban biological men from women’s sports

There’s a woke mob of 500 athletes out there trying to bully the NCAA into punishing states that ban biological men from competing in women’s sports by not allowing championships to be played in those states:

FOX 2 – A pair of Washington University student-athletes have organized a national petition asking the NCAA to withhold holding championships in states that are considering legislation that would discriminate against transgender athletes.

“All student-athletes should be safe and protected when competing in NCAA championships,” said Aliya Schenck and Alana Bojar, Track & Field athletes at Washington University in St. Louis in a news release announcing the campaign. “Your silence on this issue is only allowing more states to pass these bills. We urge you to act now and make a strong statement against these bills, saying that the NCAA will not host championships in states that openly discriminate against LGBTQI+ athletes.”

The student-athletes cite more than 25 bills around the country under consideration. Missouri is debating legislation that would require high school student-athletes to compete in sports based on the gender on their birth certificate, not their gender identity.

Sports Illustrated reports that Schenck and Bojar organized a similar campaign when Idaho passed legislation last year regarding transgender athletes. The NCAA opposed the legislation but did not take championship events out of the state.

The woke mob never stops with their bully campaigns. I would hope that the NCAA wouldn’t allow themselves to be used this way, but given how they overreacted to North Carolina in 2016 when the state banned transgenders from using the bathroom of their choice, I expect they will eventually cave to these demands and start punishing states.

At this point, Mississippi, South Dakota and Idaho have all passed these laws, but Idaho’s law is currently being blocked by the courts as litigation continues. I expect the same will happen to the other two states, but hopefully more states will soon pass these laws as the other cases make their way to the Supreme Court.

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