Woke students get OUTRAGED at Trump quote on immigration – then they find out it’s from OBAMA!

In case you still had a slight twinge of hope that America just might survive the massive infection of liberal stupidity we’re suffering from, here’s a video to kill off all hope!!

Oh man. That is… rough.

And before I get fifty, “oh you’re surprised by this?!?” comments, NO, I’m not surprised. It is just disconcerting to see how abjectly ignorant of even recent history and politics these idiots are.

Let’s make this clear – they’re not just liberal, they’re ignorant. They have NO IDEA about what Obama’s immigration policies are. That allows them to wallow in their stupid liberal assumptions, without any challenge, and with complete and total arrogant certainty.

It is exasperating. And I have to admit, I don’t have a lot of hope that we can overcome the flood of stupidity heading our way from college students being propagandized into ignorant arrogant militant liberalism. BRB I need to buy some booze and guns…

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35 thoughts on “Woke students get OUTRAGED at Trump quote on immigration – then they find out it’s from OBAMA!

  1. After hearing that it was Obama’s statement, I laughed at the lady’s reply: “What’s your question?”

  2. Just shows the left is winning at keeping our young people as ignorant as possible for as long as possible. Note that these ignorant kids will vote in several election cycles before they start earning real money and paying real taxes. Check that box -“control the education system and the thoughts of the youth” Communist goal. These were goals published in 1958 in a book called “The Naked Communist” Check out the 45 goals of the communists and see for yourself how many they have achieved here. http://www.restoring-america.com/Documents/THE%20NAKED%20COMMUNIST%20GOALS%20WITH%20NOTES.pdf

    1. “control the education system and the thoughts of the youth” Yeah let’s be honest about that.

      The control of the masses thing started a long time before that when we adopted the Prussian model for the school system in this country. The communists just took advantage of that setting.

      Some mass industrial assholes decided it would be good to mass produce average young minds into docile cogs so they pushed the Prussian model on us. Society would’ve been more dangerous if the average person was still self-reliant and individualistic, don’t you know. And we wouldn’t have the consumerist economy we have today if people weren’t typically impulsive in their spending habits.

  3. oBaMa wAs mOrE hUmAnE aBoUt iT…

    Woo boy how objective. Anybody wanna try to argue that the democrat machine isn’t fueled by its voters’ perceptual bias and stupidity? At least most of us here are willing to constructively criticize Trump when he missteps. These lost souls just invent emotional arguments out of thin air.

  4. That’s why you need to “pack up your babies and all the old ladies” and get your kiddos out of public school. If you can’t afford a good private school then home school. Our girls both went to public school and I was involved every step of their day. If something came home that was left leaning, we talked about it. I went to the schools with facts and they knew they could not get away with spewing their agenda. I was not liked but I was OK with that. Know what is going on and taught at your school Look at the books they use. Be informed. They are best hope for the republic to reman.

    1. Exactly! Informed and involved parenting is key in saving our children. Also, standing strong regarding what type of college education our kids get. We lose too many to liberal indoctrination at the college and university level where our children are taught to check their brains at the door and tow the communist line. Also, want to mention that homeschooling is really not expensive and almost anyone can do it with the curriculums and helps out today but it does take time and possible sacrifice. I took off from work, lived on one income (yes! It’s doable even today!) and we put off buying a house while I homeschooled our son. While we didn’t enjoy owning a home for a few more years the homeschool experience and benefit to our son was worth the sacrifice. We didn’t get fancy vacations or drive brand new vehicles but our child was worth it. If we are going to preserve conservative/Christian values today parents are going to have to do the hard stuff or we’re going to lose this whole generation.

  5. The only way to correct the problem with liberalism is to get control of the media. Adolf Hitler came to power by controlling all of the media, at that time radio and papers. His propaganda machine convinced millions of good germans to kill millions of good Jewish people. Since Trump came into office at last reading 93%of the comments from mainstream media have been negative. The young generation is especially vulnerable to this method of mind control.

  6. I’m wondering if the Left does this – tries to demonstrate some form of hypocrisy in a conservative group.

    They’ll go ask rural Republicans questions in order to get them to say something politically incorrect. But I’m curious if they’ve tried this tactic. My guess is that it’s more difficult. It’s fairly easy to find uninformed leftists, just go to most college campuses. Finding conservatives outside of political rallies might be more difficult.

  7. That is the plan, the education they get keeps them ignorant and easily led into socialism/communism.

  8. College students aren’t getting propagandized by liberalism, they are getting propagandized by Marxism/Socialism/Communism….there is NOTHING LIBERAL about these ideologies.

  9. “I don’t know a ton about Obama’s deportation policies…” No doy. You don’t seem to know a ton about anything but you have to have an opinion about it, huh? “…but I imagine that they were a lot more humane than the ones currently going on.” You IMAGINE? Imagination is not fact. Little does this mushy brained dope know that children were being separated from parents and sleeping on floors with aluminum blankets under Obama long before Trump. I wish people would educate themselves before forming an opinion based on propaganda and emotions instead of facts.

  10. Ladies and gentleman, this is one more example of why my TDS is in remission.

    I still have plenty of issues with Trump, but considering the alternative I will be at the polls in Nov 2020 casting my vote for DJT.

      1. If I could go back to the 2016 primaries I still would have chosen Cruz 10/10 times.

        But I can’t sit back and let left side just stomp all over us.

        So I will support the alternative.

        1. I’ve considered doing this with the same justification, but every time I come back to it I look at such a justification as depending upon my own strength to fix things rather than God’s. I often look at it from a perspective that if we can’t put a good option that we deserve judgement as a society and this could be how God is judging us so who am I to get in his way. I’d rather ask him for protection from others evil than get in His way of judgement. In this I always remember than when the fire and brimstone came to Sodom and Gomorrah that he sent angels to get Lot out of there.

          That being said if there is stuff I can point to that Trump is doing in our direction I’m still willing to vote for him. Right now the only thing I can think of is regulations. If he actually follows through on the stated immigration policies rather than it just being talk I’m in.

        2. I think Cruz will have a good shot at becoming our President in 2024 and I look forward to that. Trump is considered conservative when compared to Obama, but he’s really not – he has some conservative principles. I view Trump as a movement to swing the country back to the right and Cruz will be all set in 6 short years. Good times ahead!

    1. exactly- suppsoe Mexico would call 20+ million Americans who illegally cross their border ‘immigrants’?

  11. Yeah, college kids are pretty much a lost cause at this point. Fun fact that will crush their little hearts: Obama deported more illegals than Trump.

    1. That’s really hard to say. The Obama administration was playing games with how they were counting in order to go softer on illegal immigration while keeping appearances up of being tough on it.


      That’s the LA Times reporting that, not Breitbart.

      In general it’s tough to pin down the real meaning of deportation numbers. Have they been counting deportations the same under the Trump admin as they did under Obama? Did Obama have more deportations but only because his administration was creating a larger number of illegal crossings because of the perception that his administration was creating de facto amnesty for people once they made it into the interior?

  12. “Let’s make this clear – they’re not just liberal, they’re ignorant.”
    And THAT’S the name of that tune. Most kids don’t give a lot of thought to politics as they go through their childhood. And most parents, doing their best to raise their children, are doing really good if they impart religious values to their kids, as well as “morals” which include “being nice” and not hurting others.

    It is therefore rare, and takes great deliberate effort, for parents to teach their children the value of political conservatism, because the entire culture of Academia, Entertainment, Media (and now Big Tech) has for decades been on a Mission to turn America forever Left, starting with our youngest children.

    So the result is that the “liberal/Left” position is the default position, the one you automatically take without having to think about, question, or explain. And because students are almost never challenged they grow into unthinking adults who only know “it feels right” to care about “suffering people” without giving a single thought about how their position actually makes things worse, not better.

    It’s also the reason why anyone (i.e. us) who doesn’t agree with them MUST be a hateful “ist” or “phobe” because only MEANIES like to see children suffering! (And lalalala I can’t hear you don’t ask me hard questions!)

  13. This should teach those kids something……….but it won’t because they’re indoctrinated. Let’s see how compassionate they are if their own family is ever affected by illegal alien crime.

  14. Obama did it in a more humane way??
    He’s the one who put the kids in cages in the first place. Wish the guy had mentioned that…

    1. It’s possible he did and didn’t get it on film, which in my opinion would have been a missed opportunity.

    2. Exactly right there – I was thinking the same thing after I saw that lady say that. But, its clear what colleges are doing to our youth indoctrination and its a shame. funny how so many are liberals in college, and turn to conservatism when they start work in the real world.

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