Wow! Black leaders call out Antifa and other extremists hijacking peaceful protests to destroy their neighborhoods

This is a really good sign for positive change – some black leaders and other Democrats are calling out the extremists of Antifa and other anarchist groups for hijacking peaceful protests and making them riots:

Thats’s a DEMOCRAT state rep. from Georgia!

And look at this thread with many examples of extremist liberal white kids being confronted by peaceful black protesters:

“Entitled white kids appropriated our fight…”

“White privileged kids were caught on camera starting violent riot behavior in the midst of organized Black protests.”

In Minnesota:

Many leaders are noticing their protesters arrested are agitators from out of state:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz:

There’s also a weird effort to blame white supremacy for these extremists – I think maybe some of that is true, but most of it is gonna be liberal left-wing actors like Antifa:

Turley concludes that is unlikely.

I think this is a good sign because Democrats and some black activists are beginning to recognize that Antifa and other left-wing agitators are a threat to them and their neighborhoods and their businesses. Meanwhile, many of us on the right agree with there was injustice done to George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. The riots and violence are terrible, but maybe in a small way, Americans are drawing closer to each other.

[H/T to @NeonTaster and @JessicaHeddings for elements in this post.]

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