WOW! Hickenlooper gets BOOED by Democrats when he says Socialism is NOT the Answer!

The Democrats are doing everything they can to swing hard to the left and encourage normal not-commie Americans to cling to their Donald Trump in order to prevent socialism from seizing our country.

The latest is this incredible video of California Democrats booing loudly when presidential candidate John Hickenlooper tells them socialism isn’t the answer.

The thing is, he’s not really attacking socialism. He’s just saying it won’t defeat Trump. He might even be pro-socialism, but he knows that getting too crazy about it will help Trump win.

That don’t matter to these crackhead California Democrats:

I almost feel sorry for Hickenlooper. He did everything he could to keep from saying he’s a capitalist, after making his money in owning and running bars in Colorado, and now he’s being slapped around for not taking a knee to the Democratic god of socialism. SAD! LOL!

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