WOW! Pat Smith tells Hillary Clinton ‘Happy Mothers Day’: She’s got her kid but I don’t have mine, BECAUSE OF HER

Talk about cutting right to the core. Pat Smith wishes Hillary Clinton a Happy Mothers day, noting that Hillary’s got her kid but “I dont have mine – because of her.”



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200 thoughts on “WOW! Pat Smith tells Hillary Clinton ‘Happy Mothers Day’: She’s got her kid but I don’t have mine, BECAUSE OF HER

  1. May God’ peace and strength be with Ms. Smith and all of the victims’ families!  May God’s swift justice befall every person that participated in allowing the murder and injury of Americans serving in harms way, in the name of greed and political gain!  May God guide and strengthen the resolve of those who are fighting to get the truth and may it be shouted from the roof tops instead of concealed from the American public!  It’s time that the sheeple have their eyes opened and understand where their own greed and ignorance allowed such evil to have and maintain power.  Apathy allowed this evil to take place in all levels of our nations government and educational institutions.  I’m with Ms. Smith….Wake up sheeple!

    1. notebeneAre you sure you understand what Apathy means? It does not mean “evil” or “cruel”. It does not mean “godless” or “heathen”. It means “emotionless”. A person without emotion is a person who thrives in logic. The problem is, often any fallacy provided them through another will alter their perception, thus changing their concept of logic. That is why there are so many “logical” arguments to both sides of one issue or another; it’s all relative to the reader.
      I am Christian, I am also a Libertarian (neither Conservative nor Liberal). However, I am also a rational person willing to take the time to first judge something logically, before screaming “The devil did it.” I am unwilling to accept 100% of the Bible, simply because humans have an astounding ability to completely change the meaning of simple text, when given the necessary authority to do so. (I.e. the Pope, any of the British Kings, any of the Roman emperors, etc.) That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God, or in Jesus Christ. It means I question those who claim to be their closest “advisors” operating under the guise of “humbleness” and “poverty”, when often they live in the opposite manner. Take Judas, for example. He followed Jesus, but when money was to be had, he betrayed him.
      When it comes to Democracy, the politics are decided by who can give out the most treats, and those who get those treats don’t realize they’re in a cage. They’re blinded by the promises of all these toys, and so they accept whatever they hear, fully allowing themselves to be sucked into their own ignorance. This is evident in the simple fact that most people in America believe it is a Democracy.
      And so, notebene, it isn’t a matter of “apathy”. It is a matter of ignorance; there is far too much ignorance in our society, and it’s all self-imposed. Overtly-emotional rants do nothing to further a cause; in fact, they often hinder the cause more than anything else.
      That said, Ms. Smith, my condolences.

      1. That_Kid notebene   Apathy does not always go hand in hand with logic as you believe.   This isn’t Star Trek and I’m not talking about imaginary vulcans.  I fully know that apathy means emotionless.    I think you’re disturbed that I mentioned God more than my use of the word apathy.   I logically reason that because you went on quite a rant to discredit the Christian God, while announcing that you yourself are a Christian.  I only mention God….not Jesus, so you have no clue whether or not I am a Christian or Jew.   Nowhere in my statement did I say the devil made anyone do it, so that was you not me.  However…if you are a kid…you need to watch your claim of self wisdom, less you prove your own ignorance.  Your little rant has not a hint of logic to it.  Perhaps it did when you were smoking weed while writing it, but go back and read it.  The apathy I speak of is clearly alive and well in your own rant.  You want to cherry pick what you do or don’t believe in God’s word, that’s up to you, but it’s a dangerous way to live.  The apathy I speak of is the sheer carelessness of the low info populace to care about anything that they believe is not directly related to them.  They do not see a reason to care about our government participating is sanctioned murder of service men and women, in the name of covering their tracks for an election.  They don’t see a reason to care until it’s their family member and not some random number on the news.  Ms. Smith is still grieving a nightmare no parent should have to live through, and she cares enough to speak out.  She knows the target will now be on her back.  The emotional rant came from you, not me.  I know in Whose hands all things are and thankfully it’s neither your nor mine!

        1. notebene That_Kid I apologize if I sounded emotional or irrational. I had not meant to sound angry. My intent was to clear up any confusion of “apathy”, as well as my stance on ignorance. I do not claim ‘self-wisdom’, I am merely distrusting of human greed. That said, I would like to clarify some aspects of my statement:
          1.) In my reference to the Christian God, and Jesus, I did not mean to offend. I simply wanted to make it clear I was not a “faithless heathen”. I agree about selectivity in religion; but at the same time, I do not believe that the Bible, with as much power as it represents, could have survived so many centuries without any fabrications. How else could you explain the Crusades, or any of the religious wars for that matter? I fully believe in God, and in Christ. However, I am also fully aware that it is my CHOICE to do so; God is Faith, and Faith can neither be proven true nor false.
          2.) On the subject of logic and apathy; I realize I may have implied all people afflicted with Apathy are beings of logic. That was not my intent. I meant that, in a general sense, apathy is a thing that is created through logic and reason. A very twisted logic, allowing one to rationalize practically anything, but a logic nonetheless. In my reference, I assumed you were mentioning the apathy I see all around; the one held in many agnostics and atheists, for their lack of faith, due to a lack of evidence. In this context, logic and apathy do go hand-in-hand. I suppose I gave the impression I referred to the clinical sense, and for that, I was mistaken.
          3.) When I said “The devil did it” I wasn’t referring to you. So many times have I argued with both Conservatives and Liberals who have claimed some variant of the same. So, I wished to use that more as an analogy than anything; an ideal many cling to is that the devil is the cause of every fault, and God the cause of every blessing. The latter is mostly true, but often the former is merely human error and a subsequent lack of responsibility.
          I agree with your claim of apathy, and in that context you are right. So, allow me to revise my statement: It is both “apathy” (in the context of “careless”) and ignorance that has left our country crippled. The reason I don’t believe Greed to be a core issue, is that without the former two issues, Greed would have always been kept in check. There would be no issue with greed, for those who would feel it would find themselves unable to act on their desire.
          In these aspects, I believe my ‘rant’ was less logical than it should have been. I suppose, to truly have seen the logic, you would have to have been of the same mindset, have known what my context was.
          Now, I would like to, again, offer my full apologies in any offense my post has caused. It is difficult to imply tone through text, or alternately, read it.

          P.S. I have never, nor will I ever, use/abuse any form of narcotic, alcoholic, or hallucinogenic substance. I would like to make that VERY clear. I have known many in my life who have abused these substances, and would rather not be accused of doing the same.

        2. notebene Also: My comment on emotional rants was more a way of saying “I’d like to discuss this in a reasonable manner.” than accusing you of being emotional. You really wouldn’t believe how often a debate or discussion has been changed from my intended topic, to (somehow) a topic relating to my ignorance for choosing faith “over evidence”, or the exact opposite. Apparently, disagreeing with someone else’s opinion makes you an enemy to both sides; and so, I often try to preemptively quell such topics, before I’m mistakenly accused.
          However, you are much more reasonable than most who I debate with. So, my statement seemed more a matter of offense than I had intended.

    1. John R Brainard I am so sorry for your loss. Your son made the ultimate sacrifice and there are many Americans who honor and respect those who have given their lives so that others might be free. This administration has perpetuated one of the most evil frauds upon this country, and it’s obvious any mistakes they make they cover up.  It will take a great deal to chip away at the secrecy surrounding these events, but we cant’ ever give up.

      God give you peace, and know that others lift you and your family up to Him in prayer.

  2. That quote from Pat Smith will certainly end up on a political ad if Hillary is dumb enough to decide to run for president in 2016. That is, of course, unless she has to go to jail for perjury. I doubt that will happen, but I think after all the truth comes out about Benghazi, her political career is over. As well it should be.

    1. Libertyship46 Hillary won’t be jailed for perjury. The idiot Republicans didn’t put her under oath when she testified.

  3. Happy Mothers Day Pat! Even though your son is not here today he is a hero and a son. What a great mother he has, in death she continues to show him love in a search for answers.  A mother’s support and love in never ending.


  5. Happy Mother’s Day (today), Pat Smith. May you be comforted with these wishes from me and my prayers for your loss. May we also soon see justice come to the ones responsible for the tragedy  that took your boy’s life and the other three from the events of that fateful day. GOD Blessings to you.

  6. AND BECAUSE Obama and Hillary and the leftists have done their dam*edist to make the USA weak and ineffectual

  7. Saying Happy Mother’s Day to the Queen and Patron Saint of Abortion/Planned Parenthood is extremely ironic.

  8. If Obomb’us had sent someone….anyone to help we wouldn’t be having this conversation..SOCOM and MARSOC do not operate on the premise of “We wont’t get there in time” they operate on the premise of “Why we didn’t get there in time”…choosing to give a stand down order then deny you did…blaming a video despite knowledge that it wasn’t and repeating it over and over…backing Hillary into a corner where her arrogance and anger question anyones right to the truth….all could have been avoided….the door has been kicked open as to why no help was sent and high ranking Brass were relieved of duty over their objections to the decision to stand down….now everytime someone from this Admin speaks its hard to understand over the deafening Death rattle that emits from the bowels of the WhiteHouse these days…SEMPER FI….Remember Benghazi and Extortion 17..

    1. 1MadMarine Very well said, sir.  I thank you for your service to me and my family.  As you took your oath seriously, I take your service seriously.  I pray that one day this nation will have a great leader rise up again and undo the cluster foxtrot we have befall us with this current administration.  God bless you and, again, thank you!

    2. 1MadMarine These Democrats, commies, socialists and progressives are cannibals, perverts and in-bred dung worshipers. Something must be done.

  9. I have the perfect solution which to me makes a great deal of sense.  What difference would it make if we named Chelsea the new Ambassador to Libya, Benghazi post?

  10. If Obomb’us had just sent someone…anyone to help we wouldn’t be having this conversation…SOCOM doesn’t operate on the premise of “they won’t get there in time”…they operate on the premise of WHY they didn’t get there in time….now the door has been kicked open as to why they chose not to help…..the longer the Admin kicks this around the louder the death rattle gets wen they open their mouths

  11. Calvinius   No Calvin.  You can’t prove that.  Her son is dead because no one tried to save her son on the night of the attack,  and the attempts to help were thwarted. Further, the requests for additional security in the weeks leading up to the attack were rejected.  Had both of those issues been dealt with in a positive manner, then I give you the soap box back.  You and the rest of Hillary’s and Obama’s defenders on this subject got nothing Calvin, nothing.

  12. Calvinius I find it very curious how these libtards come on here make some stupified comment and then run! They cannot form whole sentences without name calling or whinning……….

  13. Calvinius Guess you came along to confirm what low scum the Left is. Sean Smith is dead because this anti-American president has tried to force the public into believing that al-Qaida, and like Islamic terrorists are a figment of our imagination. He, enabled by Hillary, ensured that the Embassy and Consulate were inadequately guarded–unsecured. Doherty and Woods are dead because they helped rescue more than 30 survivors who fought for their lives over 8-10 hrs, while Obama went to bed, and then to a Las Vegas fundraiser. Hillary had already turned off her alarm clock. The military was told to do nothing, “stand down” is the meaning of doing nothing…and then Obama, the Lefty Dems and commie media helped them cover it all up, including sustaining the lie about a video. This isn’t politics “Calvinius,” this is criminal.
    But you knew all that before you came and proved who Obama’s voter base is, amoral people who care nothing for right or wrong.

  14. Calvinius oh your thinking is just great……al-Qaida takes responsibility and in their own minds are the hero,while the likes of hillary and obama sit around and say its not my fault….this is how wars are lost you idiot!

  15. Did anybody see “Argo”? Notice how different the attitude was there; over 50 Americans were held captive and both Iran and US wondered if we’d go to war over the issue. Reagan won in 1980 because he said we WOULD go to war if he was elected and the hostages weren’t returned. I remember seeing the hostages landing in Paris the same day that Reagan was inaugurated.
    In Benghazi, not only were Americans taken captive, one was sodomized and four were KILLED. What was the US response? The President went to a party with Jay-Z and Beyonce, the White House rep (Rice) continuously blamed a YouTube video, Leon Peonetta said we couldn’t send anybody in harm’s way, Obama blamed a video on Letterman, they said at the funeral we would get the guy who made the video, and eventually Hillary would say “What difference does this make?”
    The contrast between 30 years ago and now is STUNNING. In 1979, no Americans were killed. In 2012, they were sodomized and killed, and the President partied on. What difference indeed.

    1. tensigh Ronald Reagan did not draw his red lines using disappearing ink.  He said what he meant and meant what he said.  That’s the difference.

      1. ConservativeFromHell tensigh Exactly; that’s why the Iranians backed off. They knew he was serious and the Mullas knew they would lose power if the US invaded, particularly with a president who was determined to win the war. 
         You might have misunderstood my statement; I was SUPPORTING Reagan (as a kid, I was proud seeing those hostages land in Paris as Reagan made his inaugural address).

    2. tensigh The enemy of Ronald Reagan is the ally of Hussein Obama. That explains the difference, not wekness or indifference.
      In Benghazi Hussein Obama took care of those he despises. Then went on to party.

  16. CalviniusWasn’t the whole point of her campaign
    against Obama in 2008 was that she’d be more qualified when the phone
    rang at 3 AM? Hillary should have resigned in disgrace. 
     You should be ashamed for insulting this mother.

  17. hoping more like this to come. fight doggedly and hit back decisively hard. with an evil administration and the liberal corrupt media behind its back  something like this no-nonsense and very straightforward incisive counter is  imperatively needed if the battle is to be won.

  18. Liberal fascists like Obama and Hillary have no virtue, no integrity, no honor, no shame, no conscience, for that’s what and who they are all about- their own self serving political parasitic selves- ie; all that matters to them, is their political agenda and survival.
    When one looks at such people, they will always find that their deceit, lies, corruption, and poison can be seen all throughout their past, not just the present, which exposes them and their hypocrisy for all to see.
    “Hillary Clinton Fired From Watergate Committee for Fraud, Ethics Violations” via

  19. To all the Scoopettes here at TRS who as mothers have made the lives of their children and the fathers of their children a happy home and a better world Happy Mother’s Day.  And now it’s time to pour two  glasses of Port and wish my wife and wonderful mother a Happy Mothers Day as well.  Good night.

  20. I donKt know if this affords you any comfort, Mrs. Smith, but if Sean was a Christian, as I suspect he might have been, then he is more alive now than he has ever been before, and his death was not in vain. May our Lord give you special comfort on this Mother’s Day as you grieve for your courageous, heroic, and beloved son…who died much too young. Our hearts and prayers are with you…God Bless you…

  21. Bravo, Ms. Smith! Hillary won’t care – she has no soul – but others who are, shall we say, slow thinkers, may well be influenced by your clear statement of where the blame lies. and all other considerations aside, it was the right thing to do.  May God comfort you and support you in  your loss.

  22. Hillary is a very evil person. She fits in  like a glove in the company of hussein,panetta,holder & the rest of this gang of scum. We need to purge this human waste from our shores without a life raft. But,like a rat on a sinking ship these vermin will find a way to survive & further their intentions of destroying America. Since we can’t find a leader to clense the country of the stink that permeates from Washington we, the people have to take it upon oueselves to do the job. Passing the buck won’t cut it any more nor will going around like a bunch of blind mice. The time has come for all good men to come to the aid of America. And believe it, our time is almost all gone.

    1. mcgurn You’re right. If the repubs don’t swiftly remove hillary and her boss from office over this, our last hope of conventional, safe means of stopping the obama regime’s takeover are gone.

  23. My hope is that Hillary Clinton, Obama, and those in the Goebbels media experience the loss of their children, the way this woman, Aaron Vaughn’s parents and others have.  May they be at ground zero of the next attack.  They created this monster, may they suffer at the hands of what they created. 
    Hillary Clinton, I hope your daughter Chelsea is at ground zero when the next one hits.  You deserve it.  These people are evil beyond belief.  I would love to see Brian Williams, and the rest of his ilk, lose one of their children, at the hands of a Jihadist.  They’re still aiming for NYC, I hope it’s on your house, Williams.

    1. NJK Two attacks thwarted in NYC.  Gotta wonder if that’s where the vast majority of monitoring is going on leaving the rest of us at risk.

    2. NJK For at leasrt two years now, my prayer for obama has been Psalm 109:6-20. Someone put one verse of this on a bumper sticker back then, but all those verses together are what you might call “the nuclear option of prayer”. Look it up. It’ll do your heart good.
      I’m now going to pray that prayer for hillary and a few others as well.

    3. NJK I wouldn’t say that. We shouldn’t wish this kind of suffering on any American, even if it would make Hillary or Obama wake up. The point isn’t to make more innocent people suffer. Hillary and Obama should be disgraced for their corruption and indifference, but please don’t wish ill to their children, I certainly don’t. If there is another time when “the next one hits”, that means other Americans would be killed as well. 
      We shouldn’t hope their children get killed, we should hope they get voted out of office, impeached or (hopefully) indicted so that justice gets restored. Please don’t take this as any endorsement of Obama or Hillary. I just don’t think we should lose our decency just because they don’t have theirs.

      1. tensigh NJK I know, but wouldn’t it be nice if either Obama or Hillary felt the same way about the children of these and other grieving parents.
        I think it is good that there, somewhere there will be folks like you who wil come through this thing and have their souls in tact. Many, many of the rest of us are going to get very dirty taking on these demons from Hell. Each of us understands God and what He wants in our own way, like you, and each of us must seek salvation along his own path.
        I am proud  that our two paths paralleled even if it has been for just a short period. As a nameless and faceless veteran who received the blessings of prayers of millions of Americans I will never meet, I humbly thank you for yours.

  24. Someone should send HITlary some flowers for the day (from Sean Smith)
    BUT that would be in very poor taste 
    BUT – If I was working and had some loose change laying around – I would do it 
    Fight crap with fire!

    1. YoJoe Nice, effective and poiniant characterization of. “The bag that ate Bill Clinton’s wife,” Joe!

  25. Hillary Clinton shamed herself with her participation with Barack Obama in an outrageous attempt to cover-up her inept ability to manage the Department of State. Her “Under Secretaries” are complicit too.  What was their first reaction, save those men in #Benghazi or their political butts!” Our President called a basketball player who “came out” as gay and told him how proud he was of his decision. 
    Is anyone going to call these mothers to offer any support, or as Hillary said, “what difference does it make!” #tcot

      1. jaazee I’m Orangeone4.  I’ll go follow you!  Wolfie, ABiC, BetseyRoss are all on Twitter too.

    1. DarkKnight2016 
      Having your child die at the hands of their own government and Goebbels media is what’s too much.  Nothing is too much for them.

  26. My heart goes out to all the mother’s of fine soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice. I am so sorry for the needless deaths that were cause by the dangerous ROE’s that are coming down form Obama. Imagine if this fine mother, fighting for justice for her son was left to slaughte,r was Cindy Sheehan. The Liberal Joseph Goebbels media would be all over it. I am sick of our sons and daughters for president who has NO RESPECT FOR THEM. Pray for our troops, pray that God bring them home soon.

  27. Powerful words, if Hillary gets anyway near the idea of running for another public office, this ought to be a commercial.

  28. Smith was also an Air Force Veteran,  Don’t take that away from him.  Hillary go bury your evil head in the sand.

  29. I wonder how Hillary’s kid will act on Mother’s Day, knowing that several mother’s are without their kid because of her mother.  I hope the families of the Benghazi and the Seal Team IV tragedies get some answers and someone is held accountable for their negligence.  God bless these mother’s this Mother’s Day, give them strength and hope.

    1. BonnieBoylesWell I’ve been tweeting ol Chelsea.  In fact, I just tweeted her this along with the picture of the Benghazi four souls over the WH. I hope this image haunts you every time you look at your mother. Becuz of her, their mothers grieve.

        1. therightscoop Orangeone BonnieBoyles If she is aware of a crime (including perjury) committed by her mother she is an accessory after the fact.  That is a very serious crime. The same goes for Billy Boy.  Remember who Chelsea is married to too…..

        2. therightscoop Orangeone BonnieBoyles You are correct, the sins of the mother should not be visited upon the daughter as Ezekiel makes very clear. I was supportive of reminding the daughter of the transgressions of the mother.

  30. I saw Pat Smith at the hearing the other day and she was intently listening to each word. Though she will never forget her son and will always miss him I do pray someday she will have peace of soul.

      1. Orangeone njmom Missed Michelle because I kept watching Pat Smith. Just couldn’t take my eyes off of her but I didn’t see anger I saw sadness.

        1. njmom Orangeone I caught Michele because she tweeted that she was going to be there.  Did you see Judge Pirro?  She was a couple rows behind Mr. Nordstrom I believe.

  31. The worse thing about Benghazi to me is the fact that Obama and Hillary lied to these four families.

      1. Then they have to find out through the media not the Pres. and former Sec. of State what truly happened and why.

    1. TinaG123 And I am certain that neither one feels any shame for doing so sadly. 🙁

      1. 57thunderbird TinaG123 Cannot feel shame and guilt when you’ve sold your soul to the devil.
        There is one thing I am certain of, they will not be met at the gates of heaven, ever.

        1. Orangeone 57thunderbird TinaG123  I would like to know how you are so sure “they will not be met at the gates of heaven, ever” Do you believe God can never forgive? Don’t get me wrong I will never support Obama or Hilary or any liberal leader. However, Sin is Sin, If God can forgive any one who repents (as He said He would), It may be possible for these liberal goons to some day repent for their lies, deception, murder by proxy, etc. To the degree we forgive, we will be forgiven that much also.

        2. 57thunderbirdOrangeoneTinaG123So I got really snarky and tweeted the picture of the Benghazi four souls over the WH to Chelsea with this: I hope this image haunts you every time you look at your mother. Becuz of her, their mothers grieve.

        3. BeverlyBaldwin Orangeone 57thunderbird TinaG123 It is my opinion because I believe neither of them will ever ask for forgiveness and repent.

        4. 57thunderbird Orangeone TinaG123 Thank you.  I’m feeling quite snarky tonight.  While Chelsea lives it up in a $25 million home, the families with young children suffer.

        5. Orangeone 57thunderbird TinaG123 Typical liberal compassion.Feigned compassion.

        6. Just caught a tweet from Judge Pirro so I replied back with our prayers.  Hopefully her staff is reading it!

        7. Orangeone 57thunderbird TinaG123 
          I hope it happens to Chelsea Clinton.  I think her parents should suffer the way the parents of the Benghazi victims and Seal Team 6, and others have.

        8. NJK Orangeone 57thunderbird TinaG123 Good points. Do we even know the true deal toll at the hands of Barky and Hitlary?  Thousands of our military killed and forever injured, Ft. Hood, Fast and Furious (I care about Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata), Benghazi, Seal Team 6, and IMO Chris Kyle too.

        9. Orangeone NJK 57thunderbird TinaG123 I don’t know if we know the total body count yet but it is getting pretty high unfortunately,and nobody seems willing to put a stop to it. ;-(

        1. americalsgt 57thunderbird TinaG123 Yes I am sure they did.Best for the great collective.

  32. All I can say is there are families grieving while Obama is golfing, Hitlary is campaigning and the nation is waiting for the truth.  What will Father’s Day bring for the children that lost their dads??????

      1. 57thunderbird Orangeone I know and I’m wondering what the Scoop family could do.

        1. I wish I could give this poor lady a big hug. She did nothing to deserve this treatment.

        2. nosilasunny And his wife has been utterly silent.  I have to wonder why.  IMO Smith was a liberal since he worked for Barky, I hope his wife isn’t a raving Progressive blaming Bush.

        3. 57thunderbird nosilasunny We could do a tweet and FaceBook to Judge Pirro, maybe her staff would pass it along.

        4. Orangeone 57thunderbird nosilasunny I would join you but haven’t had time to create an account yet.Good idea though and I am sure you will be all over it! 🙂

        5. 57thunderbird Orangeone nosilasunny Aren’t you on FaceBook now?  I can certainly tweet and I know my fellow Scooper tweeps will RT and create their own tweets too.

        6. Orangeone nosilasunny I was wondering about the wife also unless in her grief she wants to be left alone.

        7. Orangeone 57thunderbird nosilasunny Not yet.This is the first day in a week or more that I have had more than 15 minutes of time to be on line.

        8. nosilasunny Off it went.  I’ll tweet it again tomorrow.  JudgeJeanineGPS follows me so hopefully the message will get passed along.

  33. This is so sad!
    This Mother has been deprived of a joyful Mother’s Day 
    The problem is that HITlary really doesn’t give a damn!
    HITlary is a heartless b*tch and knew the truth from the beginning.
    Unfortunately – She will probably be our next President – This will not bring her down 
    I pray that I am wrong

    1. YoJoe The Dems are very worried and maybe they won’t want to touch her after Benghazi.

      1. njmom
        They will do ANYTHING with ANYONE to maintain power 
        NEVER underestimate their lack of scruples – They are disgusting and/or insane!

        1. YoJoe njmom Hitlary is out giving speeches at $200,000 a pop. I wonder when they will start to be cancelled with Benghazi hitting the fan and her in the middle of it.

        2. YoJoe njmom That’s why if Hillary is too much of a liability they’ll put up someone else.

        3. njmom
          Are you kidding 
          I heard the left is making a calendar of her for 2016
          (Only kidding)

    2. YoJoe Sure hope you are wrong.  I can’t believe anyone would vote for this woman to be our President after she has shown such incompetence and lack of remorse or sorrow for the families her decisions affected.  I sure don’t want my life to be in her hands.

      1. BonnieBoyles YoJoe You should see Hitlary’s following. They are sucking the life out of our country and believe every thing that b*tch says.

      2. BonnieBoyles
        WE thought same in 2008 and 2012 
        There are too many stupid people out there 
        Therein lies the problem – WE think logically – THEY don’t
        Always remember that you can’t debate with an insane person

  34. Dear Pat,
    Wishing you a blessed Mother’s Day! We are praying for you and hope that God continues to Shine Light on this horrible tragedy that took the life of your son.  I can’t imagine the depth of your pain, but I do know God sees your pain and He will carry you through, He is able to do above and beyond what we ask or imagine.  He has promised to never leave you or forsake you. 
    God bless you, Mrs. Smith and Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. I pray no one ever has to imagine or, God forbid, experience the pain and betrayal inflicted by this administration upon these families.  May the ENTIRE truth come out, consequences immediately and mercilessly commence to provide some small measure of relief that all was done to prevent such betrayal from ever being committed by these people EVER again.

      1. wtd Obama could care less about any of them. When you consider he was abandoned by both, it’s no longer any mystery as to why he does those things that would turn the stomach of most.

    1. Watchman74 Or it could be Happy parent #1 day, the lawsuits have yet to be filed to see who gets top billing.

        1. AmericanborninCanada 57thunderbird I am so glad to see you.Hope all is well.Haven’t had much chance to be here lately.

        2. AmericanborninCanada 57thunderbird I am as well as one can be in Obamerica.It is nice to be missed. :-)))

        3. 57thunderbird AmericanborninCanada Smile, the Obamatanic is going down, we are bailing buckets of water in to it as quickly as we can and I hear it breaking, just waiting for Hitlary to be on one end and Barky Boy on the other when she splits and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

        4. Orangeone 57thunderbird AmericanborninCanada Up the proverbial creek without a paddle!

        5. Orangeone 57thunderbird AmericanborninCanada IMO they’re going to push each other off.

        6. njmom Orangeone 57thunderbird AmericanborninCanada I was hoping they’d hold each others heads under water to make it go quicker.

  35. God bless you Mrs.Smith!We are truly sorry for your loss.I and many other patriots are of one mind with you on this issue,and demand that somebody be held accountable!

  36. God bless this woman!  If I may quote Sarah Palin, she’s like a “Mama Grizzly!”

    1. Conservative_Hippie You may quote Sarah anytime my friend!I donm’t think anybody here will mind. 🙂

    2. Conservative_Hippie It’s time for her to really bare her teeth and find an attorney to sue Hitlary and Obama personally!

        1. Conservative_Hippie I don’t know if Landmark takes a civil action like that.  I’m going to ring them Monday anyway to see if I can work on the IRS case with them, I’ll ask.

  37. She is absolutely right. His blood is on Hillary’s hands. And she lied to this woman’s face about the entire thing. Hillary deserves everything that is coming to her.

    1. 57thunderbird Hey Hitlary, turn the other cheek, Mrs. Smith isn’t finished with you yet!

      1. Orangeone 57thunderbird I just got a great image in my mind after reading your post. 🙂

        1. 57thunderbird Orangeone Hadn’t quite gotten to flippin’ the b!tch upsidedown yet…..that image?  Oh I was just a snark, I tweeted Chelsea Clinton Pat Smith’s b!tch slap of her mommy

        2. Orangeone 57thunderbird I “m not too sure about that image.That tweet is gonna hurt!

        3. 57thunderbird Orangeone I want it to hurt and I’m going to tweet it again and again and again until it wipes the smirk off that b!tch’s face.

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