Bill Clinton’s former mistress Gennifer Flowers WILL be at the debate!!

So billionaire Mark Cuban has been bragging about snagging a front row seat at the debates to intimidate his former friend Donald Trump.

Well we didn’t expect Trump to keep quiet about it, and today he finally wrested his iphone back from Kellyanne Conway and responded in kind:

Dang. That’s pretty heavy.

It might be a hint of what’s to come – Trump told O’Reilly he would only bring up Bill Clinton’s rapey past if Hillary tried first to hit him with the “sexist” epithet. But at least we know now he isn’t afraid to use the ammunition he’s got!!

That’s about the only good thing about this election – the possibility Hillary’s haggard old face will drop at the first Trump mention of Slick Willy’s indecencies…


It looks like it wasn’t a bluff:

In case you don’t know who that is, here’s a reminder:

On the verge of an expected victory in New Hampshire, Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign faced the biggest frenzy of 1992 when allegations arose of an extramarital affair with Arkansas state employee and cabaret singer Gennifer Flowers.

Revealing claims that no respectable news outlet had been able to substantiate, the Star, a trashy supermarket tabloid, “broke” the Flowers story on Jan. 23, 1992. Armed with ambiguously damning taped phone conversations and well compensated by the Star for her revelations, Flowers claimed a 12-year affair with Clinton.

During the next week, almost every legitimate news source would pick up the story in some form or another and the allegations would nearly torpedo the Clinton campaign. To counter the allegations, Clinton appeared on CBS’s “60 Minutes” with his wife immediately following the Super Bowl on Sunday, Jan. 26. With 50 million Americans tuned in, the Clintons tried to shake off the charges. In the end, with the help of a relatively weak Democratic candidate pool and the public’s focus on economic issues, Clinton was able to contain the damage caused by the Flowers frenzy and his presidential ship stayed afloat.

Later, Bill fessed up to have sexual relations with that woman.

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