WOW: Watch CNN’s Keilar LOSE IT on air and Twitter as Trump 2020’s Murtaugh SCHOOLS her on Hydroxychloroquine

I am not one for prettying up something that ain’t that pretty, so when I say this is “epic” you better believe it’s dang epic. CNN “anchor” Brianna Keilar, who is basically an opinion host, absolutely LOST IT on Tuesday night talking with Trump 2020 Comms Director Tim Murtaugh.

She tried to dress up her complete meltdown on Twitter after the fact. Y’all may not know this but CNN’s Brianna Keilar, who is basically an opinion host, not only plays anchor on TV but also plays Doctor on Twitter.

Anyhow, the real tale is in the tape and, well, like I said, it’s epic.

She doesn’t realize it, and her pathetic Twitter thread doesn’t realize it, and the collective mass of Trump deranged media don’t realize it, but everything he said was irrefutable. He simply said facts. He didn’t say “go take hydroxychloroquine all by your lonesome without a doctor or diagnosis” or any of that mess that Keilar, in her dramatic hysteria, wants you to THINK he did as she intoned so gravely about doing a “disservice to the health of Americans” or whatever other speech she borrowed from America’s greatest monster Aaron Sorkin.

He said about this drug, like responsible people say about various drugs all the time, that it some doctors prescribe it and some doctors and studies say it helps, and that taking it won’t instantly kill you or melt you like the Wicked Witch caught in a cloudburst.

The media knows that drugs are evaluated all the time, and that drugs that are proven to be, in general, safe for human consumption, can sometimes be used to treat a thing they weren’t originally thought to be the treatment for. And the press further knows that people talk about those things on air without worrying people might just go take it on their own wherever they can find it, or find something that sort of rhymes with it, and even more they know that when this has happened the other five million times, including when people talk about drugs RIGHT NOW TO THIS DAY that may be used as a vaccine or toward a vaccine, no one in the press goes on Twitter to preach about endangering human life because they talked aloud about a drug that is available only be prescription.

That’s because it is totally stupid to think or act that way. But that’s how they do about hydroxychlorquine, and the ONLY reason that’s so, the ONLY reason – is that Trump said he thought it was promising. That’s IT.

Doing a disservice? Brianna Keilar, you are doing the disservice to Americans. You are participating in a sham, a fraud, a fake new type of controversy that never existed and that makes no sense to exist. And you really seem to have convinced yourself you’re some kind of hero for that. For saying that talking about promising prescription medicine puts lives at risk.

It’s nonsense. You are nonsense. And frankly, just a little teensy bit evil. You, Brianna Keilar of CNN, pretend anchor and fake doctor, are the disservice to Americans.

I have other things I reckon you deserve to hear said to you, but this right here ain’t that kind of site. So I’ll just say Shame On You.

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