Wow! Watch this conservative journalist absolutely ANNIHILATE Ventura, CA officials over lockdowns, masks

Last week the city of Ventura, California voted to make masks required in the city, for when you’re inside businesses or government offices, or using public transit, and also for most indoor public venues. The Ventura County board of Supervisors had a big meeting about it, and about the statewide mandates from Gov. Moonbeam.

Conservative writer and radio talker John Ziegler had a few choice words for those supervisors. And by choice, I mean WELL DANG! You have to watch this, it’s outstanding.

I don’t even care if you want to wear a mask (I do) or think they help (I do) or WHAT because what this is about is showing the nannies that they actually need the consent of the governed in this country.

They don’t just get to decide our fate and move along. That ain’t what this country is here for.

That video is awesome because John Ziegler gave those petty tyrants the earful they were past due for.

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