Wow you won’t even BELIEVE what the mean and evil Republicans are trying to do away with NOW!! says ‘PinkNews’

What’s the world record for rolling your eyes? I think everyone here might break that record in a second so I’m just checking. Because this is such a totally stupid thing to be upset about.

But then again you may not roll your eyes, because you’ll just be shaking your head at what a perfect illustration this is of the vast gulf between how liberals view the world and how normal people see it.

Just look at this!!

THE HORROR! How can we live in a world where there’s an entire political party dedicated to stopping the exploitation of children in service to the sexual “liberation” of confused or even malicious adults?

It just breaks open my brain (and heart) and it makes me want that wall built a lot faster, and lot more 360 degrees around Texas.

The fact that “PinkNews”, which calls itself the “world’s most read and watched LGBT+ digital media publisher”, thinks that it’s a BAD thing that Republicans — scratch that, RESPONSIBLE ADULTS want to prevent this blatant sexualization and brainwashing of children via public display, that Pink News things opposing THAT is somehow an indictment … it’s incredible.

And you know what? It’s scary.

They’ll object that this is expression, not sexualization. But as you know, that’s a filthy lie.

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