WTH!?! Barack Obama DEFENDS Ann Coulter!?!

Man, you know that the fascism of the supposedly anti-fascist left is getting bad when Barack Obama himself says that they’re mistreating Ann Coulter!!!

CNN’s Janice Minn gushes all over how amaaazing Obama is in this segment, and towards the end she mentions that he actually defends Ann Coulter, saying of course she should be allowed to speak at Berkeley.

Watch below:

Well, ain’t that somethin’.

Now I think Coulter is a disgusting troglodyte, and no one should invite her to speak anywhere, BUT no thugs should keep her from speaking anywhere. Dammit, the alt-right made me agree with Obama. See how evil they are?

Go ahead and have an open thread, it’s Friday, you’ve had a hard week, and you have that extra special booze in your fridge to celebrate. Ahhhh…

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