[Yahoo News] – It looks like Kamala Harris let a big company OFF the hook after a few donations…

There is an interesting Yahoo News article out today on Kamala Harris.

It suggests that as the AG in California, she let the company Herbalife off the hook after getting some donations from lobbyists assocatied with the company.

Here’s more:

At a rally in late January in her native Oakland, Calif., U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris announced her intention to seek the presidential nomination by casting herself as a tireless advocate of men and women who lack power and wealth. The former attorney general of California — who since 2017 has been the state’s junior senator — described her first appearance in the courtroom, as a young San Francisco district attorney. “I knew I wanted to protect people,” Harris told the crowd of 20,000. “And I knew that the people in our society who are most often targeted by predators are also most often the voiceless and vulnerable.”

But as the attorney general of the nation’s largest state — and therefore one of the most powerful law enforcement officials in the nation — Harris declined to investigate Herbalife, the nutritional supplement company that has been accused of fraudulent marketing practices. Documents exclusively obtained by Yahoo News show that in 2015, prosecutors in the San Diego office of the California attorney general sent Harris a lengthy memorandum that argued for an investigation into Herbalife and requested resources in order to undertake such an investigation. Similar investigations into Herbalife were already taking place elsewhere.

Notice how the National Correspondent for Yahoo News begins the article, noting how she claims to be for the people. He’s clearly going for blood here.

And this is where it gets interesting:

About three weeks after the San Diego letter was sent, Harris received the first of three donations to her campaign for the U.S. Senate from Heather Podesta, the powerful Washington lobbyist whose ex-husband Tony’s firm, then called the Podesta Group, had worked for Herbalife since 2013. Heather Podesta’s own lobbying firm, Heather Podesta and Partners, would soon be hired by Herbalife, too.

Harris did not pursue an investigation, even as the Federal Trade Commission proceeded with an investigation of its own, which had been opened the previous March and which suggested that sufficient grounds for such scrutiny did exist. In fact, the San Diego letter had meticulously laid out those grounds, pointing out that Herbalife presented itself to the public as a lawful enterprise, but that it could nevertheless be “engaged in less obvious conduct” that potentially harmed both Herbalife distributors and Herbalife customers. Allegations of such conduct, by 2015, had become commonplace in media reports.

Harris never gave a reason for declining to investigate Herbalife, but the decision stands in contrast to her oft-expressed promise to fight for ordinary Americans for whom the 21st century economy seems to hold little promise. Those are the very same Americans, critics say, that Herbalife recruited — and exploited.


The donations, in case you were wondering, are listed below:

The article continues and you can read it here.

But I want you to contrast this with how Kamala Harris used all the resources at her disposal as California’s AG to prosecute David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt for exposing Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby parts.

Not only that, but she used the courts to try and prevent Daleiden’s other videos from seeing the light of day, falsely claiming they were heavily edited, even though it was later proven that they were not.

Harris is nothing more than a radical Democrat who tells people what they want to hear in order to get elected. There’s a lot of that going around these days and she’s clearly not immune to it. And it looks like Yahoo News may have caught her red-handed.

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42 thoughts on “[Yahoo News] – It looks like Kamala Harris let a big company OFF the hook after a few donations…

  1. Well damn Kammy – you sure sold your backside cheap. $5400? You’ve already established yourself as for sale but who knew you were a discounter?

  2. Assuming this is true, I hope it grows legs. And I hope it absolutely DESTROYS her! Jail would be especially warranted. That being said, here’s yet another block she can check off on her qualifications for the donkey primary: she’s a criminal!

  3. Are these dumbocrats so arrogant and think we’re so stupid NOT to believe the bs that they spew and that we won’t find out about their past!?Kamala the k**t got to where she is by having an affair with a prominent worthless dumboctrat politician, and SHE paraded around in front of the wife!! What a POS!!! Oh and BTW if this isn’t a “pay for play” scheme I don’t know what is!

  4. This is the proper role of a free press, incidentally. To hold politicians – of any side – accountable and make sure people know the truth about their dealings.

    One of the most terrible aspects of these Binary Choice slave-shackles we choose to wear is that we get a lot of aristocrats who lie straight to our faces and then immediately go off and do the exact opposite because, what the hell are you going to do about it? NOT vote for them? Yea right, and risk the other guy?

    That’s how they own you, folks. That’s how we remain peasants. And a free press, holding these people accountable so that the electorate can KNOW they’re re-voting for a consummate liar instead of risking their fate with someone outside the binary is how we start to combat that.

    The problem is when the press becomes vassals to the aristocrats. :/

  5. “Out for blood” indeed. We’re gong to see a lot of stories like this about various Democrats running for president, mostly fed to the media by … the campaigns of other various Democrats running for presidents doing their best to take out their rivals.

    Such easy work for a reporter, to be handed a juicy story that gets lots of eyeballs. There’s going to be blood in the water, until one emerges victorious. And then the only news worth covering will be how bad Trump is, Again.

    So I think I’ll just enjoy this while it lasts.

    The thing about Kamala Harris going after the exposure of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts is probably never going to hit the news, though. For basically the same reason: these stories are being pushed by campaigns for other Democrats that are not about to criticize abortion or Planned Parenthood, so they’ll steer clear of that particular scandal.

  6. Interesting how the PODESTA name keeps coming up in these “little” things… and none of them have been indicted yet. Tony PODESTA, the brother of Hillary’s campaign manager John PODESTA, closed his lobbying firm due to possible questionable activity prior to and during the 2016 election. Where’s Mueller and his shysters?

  7. Yes mean tweets are beyond the pale. Vote for Dems to show those GOP supporting Trump how they are bad.

    Will Chamberlain
    Dem platform 2020:

    – Reparations
    – Abortion at 39 weeks
    – Pack the Supreme Court
    – Abolish the Electoral College
    – Let children vote
    – Open Borders

    But yeah Trump said some mean things about George Conway, we should be very concerned
    8:30 AM · Mar 19, 2019

  8. Heels up, Harris involved in nefarious activities? No Way. She’s a pure as the driven snow.

  9. As the AG she took a $5,400 donation to her campaign for a Senate run and looked the other way on Herbalife?
    That’s chump change in the political world. At least we know she is a cheap ___________ !

  10. But this is all fine and dandy to her cult followers because they are more concerned about more important things, like the fact she tried on a sparkly coat.

  11. Mark Levin, I believe, is starting a new PAC. Caucasians Rejecting Anglo Privilege or CRAP. LOL- Classic Levin. Otherwise known as the CRAP PAC. Charter members Kamala “HighHigh” Harris, Franny “Beto” O’Dork, Fractionalhantas “1/1024” Warren, Spartapus Booker, Sniffer Joe, and to many to mention here societal misfits who cherish in spreading crap nationwide. Aspiring members the Dirty Dummy Dozen. Affectionately refered to as the Triple D’s.

    1. @chow-yun-fatty My wife and I recently met up with her cousin and her husband for a night out. The husband was wearing a “Harris” hat. The husband is a nice guy, but politically he’s also a raging liberal loon.

  12. the precedent is set…Harris can be easily bought. Is anybody surprised by this? Others will follow suit.

  13. Keep in mind also that it wasn’t disgruntled consumers going after Herbalife, it was the FDA.

    The federal government wants so badly to regulate supplements that they’re claiming companies like Herbalife market their products as drugs. FDA says they cannot claim any health benefits result from any supplement, or it is a drug and they can regulate it.

    Imagine vitamin C costing $40 a pill. Tha’s what the FDA wants.

    1. All that to say this wasn’t simply Herbalife paying off Harris. More likely it was the FDA squeezing Herbalife on behalf of the Podesta Group to get some early cash for Harris.

  14. I was looking at some pictures online to decide the size of Kakala Harris and I believe that she has the size of an Industrial Garbage Can.

    1. Yes. It’s business model is a network marketing scheme and all nework marketing schemes are in essence pyramid schemes.

  15. Didn’t we all know that Kamel Harris is nothing more than a [email protected]? Between affirmative action and one of many men, including D.C. Mayor, Willie Brown, taking credit for using her sexually, and helping her screw her way to the middle. There is even a photo going around with Cory Booker (who claims he is going to have a woman on the ticket with him) and Kamel Harris that says, “Booker & Hooker.” It is not quite clear which one is the woman though.

    1. @charli: Charlie you are killing it! You need to understand that Herbalife has a green label and maybe this is just part of the Green New Deal??
      You are right Kakala or Kamel is a vicious, evil and nasty woman. She has never done anything that was not in direct connection to the industry of corruption.

  16. Didn’t know that Herbalife was still around. I remember the Mark Hughes infomercials back in the ’80’s and even used the product for awhile back then. Their followers/salespeople reminded me of the Amway followers back then. As far as Harris, I got no use for her or the traitorous idiots that support her.

  17. Heard tonight Harris’ husband worked for the law firm who represented Herbalife. Maybe that played a role????? Hmmmmm

    1. @sjmom: All are interconnected and this, in fact, is quite depressing. It will take several generations to drain the swamp and as soon as we are done we will have to start again………Thanks for the info

    2. @sjmom Follow the money and the personal and business connections of these people. The associations between democrat politicians, corporate management and the entertainment industry shows they are all connected. The dems love to bash and cry foul regarding the Wall Street banks and investement firms, but they’re are owned by them.

  18. Harris is nothing more than a radical Democrat who sells privilege, access or outright bribes to get elected ala The California Way. Every Leftist politician out there bribes their donors or owns their donors in some way. Talk about abuse of power. It’s the California way.

    1. The land of fruits and nuts where there are no laws other than those that suppress the rights of white straight people and conservative businesses. I am still waiting for them to banish Chick-fil-A from the state (or for Chick-fil-A to abandon CA). Cracker Barrel decided not to go into Cali because it is the single most business UNfriendly state in America, even before New York.

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