Yale puts all boosted students in nearly complete LOCKDOWN over Omicron

According to an email sent to all students, Yale has put returning students for the spring semester into lockdown despite the fact that they are all vaccinated and boosted. According to Yale, students can’t visit businesses in New Haven nor eat at local restaurant, even if outside.

This is absolute insanity. It’s hysteria.

This might be more understandable if we were talking about something with a high death rate or chance of severe illness. But Omicron is the opposite, being barely worse than the flu in terms of the death rate.

According to the Wall St. Journal:

One measure of a pathogen’s lethality is the case fatality rate—the ratio of the death toll to the known cases. The 28-day average case fatality rate in South Africa, the likely origin of the Omicron variant, tumbled in the past six weeks from 8% to 0.2%, barely higher than for the flu. Omicron will assuredly confer new, complementary antibodies on its victims, providing an additional measure of immunity to more lethal Covid variants.

What’s even more ridiculous about this is that there are well-known treatments for COVID. Heck, Pfizer has just come out with a COVID pill students can take.

You’d think the people who run one of America’s top universities would be smarter than this. But apparently common sense and liberty are the enemy to these people.

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