Yeah, no D’UH!! Hutchinson, Gottlieb try to explain to MEDIA how MANDATES can BACKFIRE

“The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so,” Ronald Reagan famously said. They are both things of course, and more so now than ever. You can say the libs sold their souls decades ago or years ago or months ago, but the truth is that the last few months have seen them go beyond all comprehension into leftwing madness. When something is circling the drain it’s always fastest at the bottom.

Biden instituting government vaccine mandates is WAAAY at the bottom. But libs are ignorant of why, and they know something that isn’t so: that everyone is supposed to love the idea.

MSNBC/NBC News are especially wrong on this. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson tried to explain to Chuck Todd that mandates “harden” resistance to vaccines. An obvious thing, you’d think. This is America. It’s full of Americans. Being told what to do isn’t our brand. Being FORCED to will make us dump your tea in the harbor. Needless to say Chucky’s hard head didn’t soften. Or softened too much, I’m not sure which.

So then Former FDA commissioner and Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb tried to build off that and explain it to CBS on Sunday. He said the “downside” of Joe Biden ordering people to undergo a medical treatment can be the “hardening positions and taking something that was subtly political and making it overtly political could outweigh any of the benefits that we hope to achieve.”

Uh. D’uh.

I like how Brennan shifted to trying to say well we just don’t have resources to do anything any other way. Yes we do, Margs. WE CAN JUST LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE AND LET THEM MAKE THEIR OWN HEALTH DECISIONS, GIRLFRIEND.

The thing they want: more people getting vaccines.
The thing they’ll get: more resistance to getting vaccines.

It’s amazing sometimes how much that isn’t so is absolute doctrine for dems and media.

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