YES. DO THIS: Rep. Jeff Duncan and TX Rep. Chip Roy are about to KICK the MLB right in the (BASE)BALLS

That’s right, INTERFERENCE. You know what Democrats say all the time? “Corporations aren’t people.” But they sure like it when corporations ACT as individuals, throwing their wealth and power around to intimidate government to bend to the corporate will.

That’s because Democrats are hypocrites. All of them. Which is why they are sweaty and excited about Major League Baseball intimidating Georgia’s duly elected representatives and officials over a constitutionally passed and signed piece of legislation addressing a mechanic of government over which the state has authority and mandate to act.

MLB has none of those things. But they have a lot of money, and apparently – today – Democrats LIKE big rich wealthy powerful people pushing government around.

But some duly elected Representatives of the people aren’t so enamored of that corporate overreach, and they’re hitting MLB right in the balls. You know, the baseballs I mean.

See MLB gets special treatment from state and federal government because of their privileged status as a source of tax revenue and generator of economic activity. That’s the government playing ball. But now that MLB is out of bounds, Reps. Jeff Duncan and Chip Roy are doing the right thing, the thing that makes sense, which is to tell them the gravy train is over. You bit the hand that feeds you.

GOOD. Do that.

On a related note, this burn from Tom Cotton is SOLID.

See? Democrats are hypocrites. Whether they’re in congress or in the MLB boardroom. It’s a requirement for the party ID.

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