Yes, let’s DO talk about DEATH threats, Rep. Ilhan Omar! Let’s LISTEN to some, shall we, CNN?

As anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows, members of congress routinely receive disgusting, explicit, hateful, threatening phone calls, emails, and letters. This is not new. It is nasty and shameful and not new.

And NOT unique to Ilhan Omar, despite her stunt the other day playing audio of death threats at a presser in order to claim Lauren Boebert is putting her life at risk.

Well Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing what not a soul, especially CNN’s Jake Tapper, have the guts to do: call Omar’s stunt out.

I warn you, as does MTG in this tweet, this is offensive stuff. Like the vile messages left for Rep. Omar, these voicemails are evil and the people who left them are disgusting. It shouldn’t happen to Omar, and it shouldn’t happen to Greene. But it does happen. To all of them. And trying to make it seem otherwise for political reasons is shameful too.

Omar and the complicit MSM are trying to find ways to get Republicans off of committees and they’ll go to any length, including pretending they are uniquely at risk, despite the fact that it was an MSNBC-loving leftist who took the only actual shots at members of congress when he opened fire on a Republican softball game.’

It’s just about as low as you can sink, to use something like this for such crass and obvious partisan gain, and the media playing along is one of the most blatant examples of their absolute commitment to working with Democrats that I’ve ever seen.


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