YIKES! New photo shows border facility OVERWHELMED by migrants!

You know how they say a picture tells a thousand words? Well there might just be a thousand migrants in this one picture obtained by Breitbart of a border facility overwhelmed by migrants.

It gives a glimpse into the chaos that our immigration officials are dealing with as more and more caravans target the United States southern border.

Breitbart exclusively obtained the photos that are reminiscent of the Obama-era border surge. The images depict a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processing, detention, and transport facility at a U.S. port-of-entry in El Paso, Texas. According to the source of the images, the photos were taken on February 17, 2019.

The images were provided by a source operating under the umbrella of CBP who spoke with Breitbart on the condition of anonymity and stated, “The medical staff at the facility can’t keep doing this. They are getting overwhelmed.”

Ok maybe not a thousand, but you get my point.

Another source told Breitbart:

“This is no different than what we were dealing with during the Obama Administration. This is happening in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, the Del Rio Sector, the El Paso Sector, the Tucson Sector, the Yuma Sector, and the San Diego Sector. It’s almost across the entire Southwest border that we are being overwhelmed by migrant families.”


If every border sector is being overrun like this, we definitely need a wall. But we also need revamped immigration policies to stop this from happening in the first place. And I don’t think what Trump got from Congress will deal with this at all.

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56 thoughts on “YIKES! New photo shows border facility OVERWHELMED by migrants!

  1. Many are Diseased . Many bring Disease, Many come to the US for Treatments. Surprising all the Young Military Age Men escapes to the USA rather than building up Their Own Countries.

  2. Yes America is so horrible with Trump in command. Why would anyone want to come here? It’s a horrible, racist, misogynistic place that imprisons children. They’d be much better in their cultural wonderland of “fill in the blank”. /sarc/

  3. I have only one thing to say and it should make your blood run cold: Drug resistant tuberculosis.

    INFECTIOUS DISEASES noted to have increased frequency among Latin Americans throughout the Western Hemisphere.




    …Typhoid Fever,

    …Infections Due to Enteric Bacteria,


    …Amebiasis and Other Intestinal Parasites.




    …Rubella and mumps,




    …Dengue fever is spread by mosquitos of the genus Aedes, and Yellow Fever.

    Hispanic immigrants are an increasing portion of the US population and are at increased risk for some infections that are unusual in the US-born population.

    Such diseases as:




    …typhoid fever,


    …viral exanthems, and

    …hepatitis need to be considered in Hispanics who present with fever or focal lesions.

    When included in the differential diagnosis, most of these infections can be readily diagnosed and treated with currently available methods.

    *****Unvetted Illegal Caravans Threaten Public Health.*****

    While LEGAL immigrants are subjected to medical screenings.

    COMMENT (1):
    You caught the majority, but not all. There are exotic parasites not seen in this country.

    There is Typhus in LA now, plus another one that has been brought in by illegals from other countries.

    There is Hepatitis A, B, C, and D. that is being brought in now. The CDC says that they do not know the virus responsible. BS! The CDC goes ALL over the world and finds dangerous viruses and determines the source. Yet this Virus is causing cases of Polio like illness in our children and the CDC says they can not find a source? Baloney.

    The virus listed as a possible source is “endemic” in South America. Think about it.

    COMMENT (2):
    TB is highly contagious and expensive to treat.
    • Regular TB: $17,000/patient
    • MDR TB: $134,000/patient
    • XDR TB: $430,000/patient

    You are going to have to add VENEREAL DISEASES. Note this recent story: New Migrant Caravan Organizer Arrested in Honduras on Rape Charge.

    COMMENT (4):
    Typhus Epidemic Worsens in Los Angeles. A veteran city prosecutor is among the latest victims of an epidemic of the infectious disease typhus that continues to worsen across LA County. “Who gets typhus? It’s a medieval disease that’s caused by trash, rats, and their fleas.”

    The NBC4 I-Team documented huge piles of garbage Mayor Garcetti NEVER CLEANED UP from the illegals and homeless.

    And you haven’t even talked about the bedbugs and lice invasion.

    FINISH the Wall, SAFETY for ALL !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sure looks like an emergency to me. Has been since the Obama administration. I have seen people claim that it has been going on for years so that’s proof that it’s not an emergency. Wrong. Not being dealt with doesn’t make it any less dire or any less of an emergency. It makes our government incompetent and self serving.

  5. Seems that somewhere a mantra started claiming that if Trump vetoed the spending bill last week, that it was unlikely that many Republicans would vote to override his veto, if that is what he did. Well it seems that that theory may be about to be put to a test.

    If the information in this article-


    is correct, there are Senate Republicans would would line up to vote against Trump calling for a National Emergency in order to move funds around to build over 200 miles of wall. According to Jim Jordan he believes that the bill to block Trump would pass by simple majorities, with the some R’s in the Senate voting to block with R votes.

    I guess we shall see how accurate the theory is that Republicans wouldn’t dare vote against a president from their own party to over-turn a Trump veto, and on the issue of illegal immigration. Should be interesting.

    Oh, and Mitch McConnell said he would back Trump calling for a National Emergency. How hard will Mitch go to bat to allow a possible Trump veto to stand within his R caucus?

  6. If every border sector is being overrun like this, we definitely need a wall.

    Actually, the fact that we’ve got them all penned up and contained would suggest that we have the situation well in hand. Sure, it’s a little crowded. Like I give a damn. As long as the next step is to load them into a C-5 Galaxy and drop them in a parachuted cargo container over Latin America, I’m fine with it.

    The medical staff at the facility can’t keep doing this.

    So stop. You never had to in the first place.

  7. It says 133 comments but I see around 20 and lots of comments are missing on my end.

    RS is ,right now, the only outlet really debating the bill so thanks for that. BB had a tantrum on day 1 but that’s over. Now it’s back to herding sheep. Even fringey alt right on youtubs wont touch it now. But the disqus problem here makes it difficult to follow conversations, just sayn.

  8. Gee, I guess it’s a good thing our President wasn’t stupid enough to sign a Spending Bill that mandated LESS beds and MORE “Catch and Release”…

  9. Ugh, it looks like a great way to cause an epidemic.
    Also, who’s in the pink shoes? Is there a child in there with those questionable characters?

  10. Push emergency declaration through asap and keep build and upgrading fence/wall.
    Every mile counts. This will come to an end.

  11. We all know these caravans were stage-managed. Massive logistics and organizing was involved in recruiting and transporting the Central American immigrants. They had lawyers along the way coaching the immigrants on exactly what to say to avoid deportation and maximize the chance they’d be granted asylum.

    The US government has extraordinary powers in the world money markets. We can (and do) cutoff banks and sanction companies all the time for human trafficking, terrorism, and smuggling operations. We call it “threat finance” and we’ve been waging a high tech war in this space since before 9/11.

    So, why is there no apparent action against the organizations who funded and organized the caravans?

  12. It is time the U.S. stopped playing nursemaid to every person that wants to invade this country. It is Past time a wall was built.

  13. Republicans see: An attack on our sovereignty, liberty, safety, economic stability, and physical health.

    Democrats see: A pick up of three congressional seats and a Presidential election.

  14. They can fix this fast…why aren’t they. They have done it before but won’t. All they need is to have mass deportation hearings and they have enough judges to do it. One judge has maybe a 100 at once, issues the order at once and by!

  15. I’ve long argued that Trump should suspend habeas corpus for illegals at the border. That is the only way to seriously deal with these caravans. His refusal to do this is enabling more illegal immigration imo.

  16. This is part of the reason more immigration judges are needed. The processing needs to be sped up. Backlogs in processing lead to such situations.

  17. Even the swarmy poem on the Statue of Liberty talks about gates and doors.
    Build the Wall.

    Otherwise, why would the Statute of Liberty be such a beacon of hope if you could just swarm across anywhere you wanted. Nope, she greeted legal transits only.

  18. Thought they were supposed to be waiting in Mexico? What happened with that? Just saw on twitter there’s a health crisis because of the diseases they’re bringing into this country. Apparently, there’s a strain of TB there is no antibiotic for.

  19. There are thousands of invaders rushing the border throwing rocks and bottles trying to overwhelm the Military to get in. To make matters worse, there are hundreds of thousands more violent invaders on their way. . . Immigrants coming here must be vetted to detect for a criminal background or possible ties to terrorists; medical examinations to detect diseases and more, that’s the law. Illegal aliens bypass those checks so we don’t know who the hell they are. Terrorists, drug cartel, human smugglers, hard-core criminals, child sex smugglers.

    This is not just reckless and dangerous, it’s insane and a National Emergency that must be stopped. We already have 12 million illegals that are unvetted and now millions more are coming.

  20. Under the condition of Anonymity says it all & TRScoopers will be outraged & out for blood.

    If “someone/anyone” doesn’t have the cajones to OWN this, then i suggest it’s “planted” to get the desired effect.

    Mission accomplished media!!

  21. On BB the Trump Trolls are using “Finish the Wall” as the new slogan.

    I bet it works… I mean I could see all the Trumpsters start using “Finish the Wall”. I’m guessing they even chant it with pep and zeal at the rallies. Honestly, Trump knows his market. IMO Trump uses some very pricey NYC talent to craft is message. I don’t think his operation is sloppy or amateur . No sarc. IMO his people might be good enough to prove that you can fool them all, all of the time. From a cynical amoral perspective it’s brilliant pr. Make Acosta/CNN the enemy throw in some slogans, get some digs in on twitter, make a funny video of the silly dems. They’ve mastered it.

  22. Continuing the Obama-era catch and release policy, stated in the continuing resolution Trump just signed, is not the answer.

  23. Republicans need to start ads TODAY with these images and showing the parts of the spending bill where they removed available beds from these centers and made it nearly impossible for Trump to process anyone accompanying a verified minor, then plaster Pelosi and Schumer’s image with the giant words THEIR FAULT.

  24. Here’s a thought, considering we are paying for these fools…

    Let’s load them onto some Idled C-130’s and ship them back from where they came.

    While they await their remote hearing at a nearby U.S. Embassy/Consulate

  25. Don’t worry peeps these guys will be released onto the streets in no time and then it will just be our classrooms, hospital emergency rooms, prisons and jails packed to the rafters with these invaders.

  26. We used to have smart people in Congress who would address the problem and start with eliminating the freebies.

  27. Democrats invited them here and republicans didn’t keep them out. The new “normal”.

    America is being watered down and will eventually be financially ruined.

  28. There is just absolutely no excuse for what is happening. NONE. Thanks to all our fearless leaders who’ve developed the ‘bag of goodies’ at the end of the rainbow for any and all ‘immigrants’. Legal or not, hey, come on in. I am disgusted beyond belief.

  29. A border wall will be effective, but a better solution is to end general “Asylum” entry. These people know that it’s enough to storm across the border, get arrested and say that they fear for their lives and are “seeking asylum “. It’s literally a “get in free” Card and they ALL know it (mostly because leftist types are COACHING them to say that very thing!). Make “asylum” harder to get, take away all the freebies people eventually get after they enter.

    This illegal entry problem will quickly disappear, once people realize the easy life is no longer possible.

  30. I’m sorry but dude in the crushed velvet purple looking Velcro shoes? You need to go. Now. No questions. First one in the line.

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