YIKES! White House spox says if you’re banned from one social media platform, you should be banned on all others too

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki is defending her comments yesterday that the Biden administration is flagging posts for censorship at Facebook and other social media platforms, saying people shouldn’t be surprised they are doing it.

But then she also added something that sounds even more orwellian, saying that if you’re banned on one social media platform for disinformation, you should be banned from all of them:

Stephen Miller (redsteeze) makes a great point about this, saying both Twitter and Facebook banned the New York Post for ACCURATE information last year about the president’s son, and that’s where the argument against this government imposed censorship should start:

As always, Peter Doocy is the only one doing his job among the White House reporters in actually pushing back on this government overreach.

In this first question, Doocy asks how long the administration has been “spying” on people’s Facebook entries and reporting ‘misinformation’:

Psaki called the question ‘loaded’ and wrong, suggesting this is all ‘public information’.

Then Doocy asks if they are going to have Dr. Fauci’s videos taken down from over a year ago claiming that people don’t need to wear masks:

Psaki side steps it, claiming they don’t take anything down. But as John Cooper suggests, while that may be true, they are pressuring Facebook and others to take stuff down that THEY flag. And I will guarantee you that there’s communication between the White House and these social media companies that goes beyond just ‘flagging’ posts, when something they flag isn’t promptly removed.

This is truly Orwellian stuff. ‘Misleading’ information is always a moving target because what is good info today is misinformation tomorrow and vice versa. And honestly, this is another way for the White House to try and silence their critics in the name of ‘misinformation’ by pressuring these Democrat run social media companies. It’s completely unAmerican.

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