“You can take your pro-Putin garbage somewhere else” – MTG throws down on reporter accusing her of being pro-Putin

MTG was doing an interview with a reporter while she walked this morning who accused her of being pro-Putin and she lit into him:

MTG had just gotten through saying that what Putin was doing to Ukraine was absolutely evil when the reporter named Andrew accused her of being pro-Putin in that couched way that reporters do it:

REPORTER: What do you say to those who argue that vote combined with your threat on Nazism in Ukraine and all the other comments you’ve made represent a sympathy towards Russia and the Kremlin?

MTG: Ok first off that’s ridiculous and you need to stop. I don’t have any sympathy for Putin and Russia. So you can take your pro-Putin garbage and you can take it somewhere else. What Putin is doing in Russia is murderous and it’s evil. And I’ve said so from the beginning so if you’re going to talk about my remarks, talk about all of them Andrew and be more honest in your journalism.

I love how she called it ‘your pro-Putin garbage’ because that’s exactly what it is. Reporters have been couching their accusations this way for time and memorial and I’m glad she called him out on it.

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