YOU DON’T SAY: White House corrects vaccines LIE with ANOTHER vaccines LIE

What? The Biden White House lied in a correction of a previous lie? WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT WOULD HAPPEN??

The White House FINALLY took down their false tweet claiming that vaccines were not available until he took office. Some people are congratulating them for taking that bare minimum step. Not me, brother.

Misstated? They flat out told a vaccine FALSEHOOD. An election FALSEHOOD. There’s word for that: disinformation.

After failing to apologize and not taking any responsibility for their “misstatement” they then added a brand new lie by saying that the vaccines weren’t WIDELY available.

Biden had already been vaccinated TWICE before he took office, and count these up on one hand if you can:

In fact, as Twitchy points out, there were so many people being vaccinated some areas couldn’t get doses FAST enough.

Thirty-one million administered by January 15th, a million A DAY the week of inauguration, and the president himself double dosed already.

But they can’t stop lying about it! And just like CNN’s Tapper soft-pedaled it and expressed zero outrage over the lie, the rest of the media will completely ignore this second one entirely.

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