“You son of a b-tch!” – Geraldo and Bongino war on-air over Daunte Wright shooting – [VIDEO]

Dan Bongino rightly called out Geraldo on Hannity tonight for pumping the race narrative into the Daute Wright shooting and Geraldo couldn’t take it, calling him a ‘son of a b-tch’ and a ‘punk’.


The thing that got Geraldo’s goat was when Bongino accused him of wanting to see the country burn, arguing the point that continually making these incidents about race, when they have absolutely nothing to do with race, is just inflaming these BLM mobs to go out and loot and burn. It’s leading the country to a very dark place and these lunatics like Geraldo act like they aren’t doing anything wrong.

After Geraldo called Bongino a ‘son of a b-tch’ and a ‘punk’, Bongino calmly replied “you wouldn’t say that to my face.” Ha! You know that’s true.

Watch the clip for more…

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