“You sound like a Republican” – Biden scolds reporter for asking about coming recession

Joe Biden scolded a reporter this morning for asking about experts who say a recession is definitely coming.

Clearly not liking the question, Biden quipped back at her and told her she sounded like a Republican and accused her of making stuff up:

After denying that the majority of experts believe a recession is coming, Biden ripped into her and then claimed he was only joking:

Not the majority aren’t saying that. C’mon, don’t make things up ok? Now you sound like a Republican politician – I’m joking. That was a joke. That was a joke. But all kidding aside, I don’t think it is…

Of all the people on this earth who make things up, Biden is among the worst. And yet the first thing out of his mouth is to claim she’s doing that? What a repulsive man.

Everyone knows that the recession is coming because the economy is crashing, just like Biden. Food and gas prices are at all time highs and the only thing decreasing is the money in our wallets. Biden can denying it all he wants, but the recession will be here before you know it and Biden will be wrong again.

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