“You tell Beto that, OK?” – Joe Manchin drops the MIC on Beto’s gun confiscation

Beto has been getting under the skin of some Democrats with his in your face “Hell yes we’re gonna take your AR-15” message. One of these Democrats, who doesn’t to be lumped in with his gun confiscation message, sent Beto a BIGLY message today:

Wow, Manchin just dropped Beto like a bad habit.

Of course, Manchin is a red state Democrat from West Virginia, no less. There’s no way he could survive his next election if he went anywhere close to Beto’s anti-gun message.

In other news, Beto is attacking the NRA with a PETITION for fighting back against his AR confiscation message:

Sign his petition and get tons of desperate messages to send him money because his gun confiscation message is killing his campaign? Yeah, no thanks.

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32 thoughts on ““You tell Beto that, OK?” – Joe Manchin drops the MIC on Beto’s gun confiscation

  1. I like Joe Manchin. I think he’s a bit confused most of the time…as in he really should be a Republican, but he stands with us more times than not. Come over from the dark side, Joe…

    1. When the game’s on the line, All Dem Senators are with Schumer!

      Had Manchin’s vote been a Kavanaugh killer, Joe would do it.

      Problem is, even in conservative states, too many of “our side” votes for our opponents.

      Big Trump states like W VA, OH, and MT, reelected leftist Senators!

      While Hillary states always stay with Democrats!

      We can’t win a war with such Disunity.

    1. Exactly. Manchin is just upset that Beto publicly revealed the Democrats’ ultimate goal.

  2. Manchin and Democrats are just upset that Beto disclosed the Democrats’ end game. Manchin’s bill creates a gun registry which is one step towards gun confiscation.

    1. amen nice try manchin but we KNOW you all agree with the dope beto
      just make sure you call before you come to the house I am older and don’t always have my glasses on so be careful just stopping by…just sayin’

  3. Is this a joke??????

    What the hell is wrong around here??

    Joe manchin is a token. He a scumbag leftist and actual conservatives are supposed to pay this some sort of “respect” for actually acknowledging constitutional rights??

    What a joke.

    I smell laziness.

    1. I thought the GOP had learned its lesson about recruiting retread Democrats into the party with Trent Lott.

  4. This is what drives me CRAZY. There are no “moderate” dems. Ask yourself, if Hillary had (God forbid) become president or Warren becomes president, both of whom are not considered moderate by any means, would Manchin vote agains them? As the saying goes, you lay with dogs, you get fleas. Why WV keeps voting him in I have no idea.

    1. no he would vote the way they tell him so sad joe thought you might be one left with common sense OOPS I was wrong again………..sit down and shut up

    2. I think I understand.

      Conservatives will vote for a “nice guy” leftist, especially one like Tester, a 4th generation Montanan, or Manchin, liberals, conversely, Always Vote the Party Line.

      Republican voters don’t like carpetbaggers, Dems don’t care.

        1. In a sea of lunacy, I take comfort in accepting universal and immutable truths.

          The less government, the greater freedom, the more competition, the less tyranny, political monopolies breed Decline, the Greatness of Western Culture, which Ended Slavery First, etc.

  5. Manchin is a worthless liberal POS – absolutely no different from his comrade Beto. Manchin is lying – Beto spoke for ALL democrats – every single one – and everyone knows it.

  6. Just because Manchin doesn’t want to be lumped in with Beta Boy’s gun confiscation plan, doesn’t mean he doesn’t share Beta’s wishes to take our guns. Democrats have been known to lie I’ve heard.

  7. He should just go ahead and switch parties. Should have done it years ago, but it may be even more important to do so now.

  8. Beta Boy you “can’t prove” anything. Why don’t you get on your skateboard and live a life of obscurity with your wife’s money???

  9. Manchin is a spineless little sh*t. His campaign ad for senate had him shooting through a bill with a rifle. Yet since he and Toomey have gotten in they have been doing nothing other than pushing their b.s. bill. At least Beto is being honest, even if it is because he has nothing to lose. But Beto is living a pipe dream. It would be literally impossible for Beto to get a door to door force to take all of the guns, even if state and county agencies assisted.

    1. Let’s say the law passes and not a single member of govt./law enforcement/military objects. The bill would be challenged by several courts and lawsuits by private citizens.
    2. Lists have to be made and categorized as well as warrants have to be obtained. Federal state and local agencies have to receive additional funding to budget overtime and lots of additional employees. Because stuff like fighting crime and policing areas still has to happen.
    3. Announcements have to be made as to where and when confiscation would take place. Why? To avoid conflicts with officers and reduce casualties. Even they realize that killing the public on t.v. over a miscommunication is bad optics. Meanwhile. People who aren’t on their lists are entrusted to hold said weapons. That and storage units become real hard to find. As well as a lot of plots in backyards would be dug with a kiddie pool placed over it. I’ve got my Foodsaver ready.
    4. “Sorry officer. Lost my guns in a boating accident…” etc. But let’s say they pass a law stating that lost & stolen guns must be reported within 24 hrs. “Sure officer, my guns are right up here in my safe.” (Opens safe) “What the Hell! Where are my guns? Someone must’ve broken in here, picked my safe, taken my guns, and closed it back up while I was at Starbucks. I’ll bet it was that Chris Angel guy. Never trusted him. So I guess we should file a stolen guns report now, huh? No, I don’t remember the model, make, or serial number. I know one of them was one of those scary ones, not sure which. I had those written down, but they must’ve stolen those too. Bastards”

    This isn’t to say they can’t pursue Draconian laws that could lead to individuals having their’s taken. But the idea of confiscating them all is ludicrous.

  10. Well, I’ll be darned. The NRA doesn’t represent the American people? Really? Please enlighten us Beta, just who does the NRA represent, perhaps the French?

  11. Manchin is pretty much all by himself within his party on this issue. The rest will take our AR-15s in a heartbeat.

  12. Robert Francis O’Rourke is a moron and a failure as a candidate at any level but especially on a national level. My advice to him is if he wants to take people’s AR-15’s I suggest he personally go door to door in El Paso and take them. I bet he will be less successful at that then he has been running for the DNC spot.

  13. A clear message huh? Here’s my clear message.

    Beto, here’s what you don’t get (or, worse, maybe you do): You are the reason I won’t give up my arms. You specifically. And everyone just like you. You’re the reason I have them in the first place.

  14. Maybe Manchin should explain exactly how the other democrat candidates plan to enforce their assault weapons ban. Democrats own Beto. He’s their poster boy.

  15. Wish Manchin would just change parties. Be an independent if you don’t want to be republican. Change is good!

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